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"Grape" is derived from the Old French word "grape", meaning "bunch" or "cluster". It also is a kind of hook used to harvest grapes; ref. "grapple". "Panoxyl" is said to effectively treat mild acne. Avoid fatty foods, don't touch your face & wash/rinse daily. Contact your GP for serious acne problems. ?Babe, I love you so and I want you to know, that I'm going to miss your love, the minute you walk out that door'. +6567322917 is the fax no. for the Hilton Singapore hotel. You can call direct on +6567372233. The 422-room hotel is 20 mins from Changi International. 01483 is the area code for the Guildford, Horsley and Woking areas of Surrey. Surrey, in the South East of England, is one of the Home Counties. 02:Girls Aloud-Sound Of The Underground. 01:Robbie Williams & Nicole Kidman-Somethin' Stupid. 00:Bob the Builder. 1 US gallon equals 0.83 UK gallons, hence 16.9 miles per US gallon is equivalent to 14.0 miles per UK gallon. The 0.83 conversion is true for pints too. 1860 Suit Hire at Greenwoods Menswear Ltd offer both suit and tuxedo hire. They are at 6 Market Square, the Galleries Shopping Centre, Wigan, Lancashire. 198PS, 194.6bhp or 143kW is equal to 40 Geoff Capes, each exerting 3567 Newton forces over 1m in 1 sec. PS is no-longer a lawful EEC unit. 1 PS=0.986bhp. 2005 saw the first death from smoking marijuana. 29 Jan: Leave Manchester Piccadilly on the 11.45/11.55am train to Macclesfield arriving at 12.05/12.16pm. Eat at Ye Olde Kings Head. Call 01625 423890. 50 Cent's son, Marquise, is 9 this year. He wears a special bullet-proof jacket, due to his father's lifestyle. 50's real name is Curtis Jackson. 7 out of 10 British dogs get a Christmas present from their owners. 700 million billion would be a number with 17 zeros; 700,000,000,000,000,000 or 700 quadrillion. A vigintillion has 63 zeros & centillion has 303 zeros. 78 Wells Street, London, is larger at 400 people maximum capacity. A 10 min jog will burn about 100 Calories, give or take 20, dependant on your weight. You'll only lose weight if you don't replace the burned energy. A 12.2m x 2.4m x 1.5m bath holds 43.92 cubic metres of zinc. This would weigh 313.59 tonnes & would cost £351890.54 at the UK rate of £1122.14 per tonne. A 151mph Vauhall Omega Elite 3.0 V6 would beat a 133mph Honda Civic 1.8VTI Aerodeck in a standing 0.25 mile, due to its greater torque & acceleration. A 1982 VW T25 1.9 petrol camper van will take a standard 85 amp car battery to run the vehicle. A 110 amp leisure battery is required for appliances. A 1990 G-reg. Range Rover 4.6 HSE, with 80,000 miles on the clock and in good condition, could sell between £4000 and £4600. Add £700 for dealer-prices. A 1994 BMW 325i coupe has 192bhp, reaches a top speed of 145mph and can hit 60mph from a standing start in 7.3secs. The car is insurance group 15. A 1995 Alfa Romeo 145 1.7 with the Boxer 16v engine and 98k miles is worth between £650 and £1050, depending on condition & spec. £1300 is too much. A 1996 (P-reg.) Case Magnum 7250 tractor would cost in the region of £17,000. The Magnum is a reliable work-horse & has sold over 100,000 units. A 1996 5-door Subaru Impreza 2.0 can be found for £1,150 second-hand. A 1998 2.0 turbo model costs from £3,500. A 2001 turbo costs £6,000 at garages. A 1997 BMW 318i SE coupe provides 32 mpg with automatic transmission and 35 mpg with manual. The 140bhp car has a top speed of 125mph. A 2000 X-plate BMW M3 Coupe is worth £14750 privately and £17280 from a BMW dealer. Prices vary with service history. The lower model is the 328i Sport. A 2003 03-plate Renault Megane 1.6 VVT hatchback costs about £6,200. A new model costs over £12,500. Renault's reliability record is relatively poor. A 250g serving of medjool dried dates contains 692.5 Calories, no fat, 5g protein, 187.5g of carbohydrates and the nutrients vitamin A, calcium & iron. A 42 year old woman may appreciate smart winter clothes, such as a jacket, scalf, hat & gloves for Christmas. Alternatively, 70s music may be a success. A 6-litre, twin-turbocharged, 12-cylinder engine gives the Bentley Flying Spur 552bhp, a top speed of 195mph and a 0-60mph time of just 4.9 secs. A baby boomer is someone born in a period of increased birth rates, such as those during the economic prosperity following World War II (1946 to 1964). A bad or sour taste in the mouth is a symptom of bad breath. Clean your teeth & tongue, drink lots of water & avoid garlic to improve your kissing score. A banana is sweet and sugary when ripe (like amoxycillin medicine) and dry, powdery, fibrous and starchy when unripe, similar to raw potato. A bear has strength to crush the lion, but the lion has stronger claws and teeth. SEEK-X thinks the lion's natural speed & ferocity would mean victory. A Browning 9mm FN GP35 automatic pistol has a 13 round capacity. The pistol represents an improvement over earlier models such as the M1911 Colt 45. A cub-scout's scarf may be fastened at the throat by a 'woggle', a form of ring made of cord, metal, plastic, bone or any other suitable material. A dog resulting from extensive interbreeding, mixed parentage or an undetermined breed is called a mongrel. It is also used as a discriminatory term. A 'douche' is a water stream, often containing medicinal agents, that is applied to a body part for hygiene/therapy. It also means 'to shower' in French. A drainage basin can also be known as 'a watershed' or 'catchment area'. Discharge' means the volume of water transported by a waterway in a given time. A fridge maintains a cold interior by using an internal radiator to absorb heat energy. A heat-pump then pumps this energy out & radiates it to the room. A fuel system pressure dump-valve is standard on the Land Rover 300tdi. A turbo dump-valve can be fitted to reduce lag. Call Demon Tweeks on 08453306241. A G-10 handle is the type of handle used on a pocket knife. It has a superior non-slip grip and its black metal clip provides safe tip down carrying. A gas valve on a boiler allows the gas supply to the boiler to be cut. Consult a plumber for professional advice, specific to your boiler. A 'get extra money' cheat on Need For Speed Underground 2 on the PS2: Press up(3), left, R1(3) and down when "Press Start" appears at the title screen. A grizzly bear has the strength to crush the lion but the lion's stronger claws, teeth, natural speed & ferocity would mean victory for the feline. A group of monkeys is called a troop. A group of lions is called a pride. A family group of badgers is a clan but the larger colony is called a cete. A hairdryer typically heats air to 60C. Wrapping the machine by hand, then heating with the hairdryer would work but provide below average results. A healthy blood pressure is between 90/60 to 130/85. A reading of 110/65 is healthy. If you're experiencing problems such as dizziness, contact your GP. A heart attack occurs when the coronary arteries supplying the heart with oxygen get blocked, usually by a blot clot, causing heart muscle tissue to die. A human male creates around 100 litres of excrement annually. An olympic swimming pool holds 2.5 million litres. Hence, it would hold 25,000 yrs of poo. A knot is equivalent to 1 nautical mile per hour or 1.151 mph. The 'knot' is thought to originate from the Old English 'cnotta', a unit of distance. A league is a unit of distance equal to 3.0 miles (4.8 kilometres). It is only tradition that dictates its use for measuring depths at sea. A litre of whole cows milk contains around 1.232g of calcium and 0.139g of magnesium. Humans need magnesium to facilitate the absorption of the calcium. A man who wears women's clothes is considered a transvestite. Transvestism is a personal choice. It doesn't mean he has a problem or is homosexual. A mass of 9.5 stone is equal to 133lbs or 60.3kg. To convert from stones, multiply by 14. This gives pounds. Then, divide by 2.205 to give kilograms. A Mercedes SL55 AMG 2-door costs £95682 new, £82880 from a franchised dealer, £78515 from an independent dealer and £74880 in a private sale. A normal blood pressure level is less than 130/85, a 'high normal' is around 130/85 to 140/90. The average pulse rate in an adult human is 72 per minute. A one legged duck would not swim in circles as it can steer itself effectively with one foot. It might, however, leave a somewhat curvy wake. A paraplegic is someone who is paralysed from the waist down. A password is commonly a string of numbers or letters which allow access to something. A code is numbers/letters but does not specifically grant access. A person with imaginary symptoms & ailments is called a hypochondriac. Hypochondria is often associated with obsessive-compulsive disorder & anxiety. A piece of string is twice as long as half its length, which, of course, is always less than you need. It's also a phrase meaning indeterminate length. A pig's penis is corkscrew-shaped because the male, when mounted, makes thrusting actions but only ejaculates when his penis is locked in the cervix. A pint of bitter in The Anglesey Arms, Caernarfon, Gwynedd, is £1.90. The bar-staff also serve a variety of lagers, snacks and bottled beverages. A popular steakhouse in Bathurst, Australia, is GT Angus Bar & Grill, on William St. Alternatively, La Porchetta on Stewart St. serve many steak dishes. A P-registered, manual Saab 900 2.0i has a 1985cc, 4 cylinder engine, providing 130bhp. It reaches 124mph and 60mph in 10.5sec, giving just 25mpg. 'A RACER USES SWEETIES' is an anagram of 'WE ARE ASSET SERUICES'. 'CEASE, SWERVE A SISTER' is an anagram of 'WE ARE ASSET SERVICES'. A replacement water pump for the 1.8T Audi TT coupe is available from £21.79 for a third-party unit. Call Euro Car Parts on 02089565000 for details. A restaurant menu will advertise 'wood pigeon' or 'pigeon'. A 'squab' is an unfledged, domestic pigeon, about 4lbs in weight, often bound for the table. A router can be viewed simply as a 'junction'. Whilst it connects to the internet, it shares all connections (PC, Xbox 360, internet) as requested. A sales assistant in a mobile phone shop takes from £5 to £8 per hour, depending on experience, location & age. The Carphone Warehouse have vacancies. A Six Sigma Black Belt qualification holder is capable of earning at least £50k p.a. as a consultant. Consultant positions rise to almost £100k. A sneeze is a symptom consisting of the involuntary expulsion of air from the nose, caused by irritation of dust or allergic reactions to allergens. A Stagecoach bus leaves Yeovil for East Chinnock at 8.35am & 8.55am, arriving at 8.48am & 9.08am respectively. The service terminates at Ilminster Sq. A standard day single from Farnham to Woking station will cost £4.80. The journey is direct. Ask how much a saver return would be; it may be cheaper. A standard rate for a self-employed electrician is £30 + VAT for the first half hour and £20 + VAT for subsequent half hours, with no call-out charge. A 'stolen moment' is often regarded as an event in a short but special period of time. You made it happen and didn't miss the opportunity. A swan is considered more dangerous than a goose. Swans are bigger than geese and are white or black, rather than multi-coloured, as geese often can be. A T.V. picture is created from the aerial signal. When this is removed, the T.V. receives random noise. The noise generates a random picture; the snow. A toned stomach is known as a (A) washboard. The muscle-tone visible is due to abdominal muscles. SEEK-X hopes that you are successful in the competition. A 'wedge' of swans fly in formation in varying numbers, dependant on the number within the community (or bevy as it is known). They can fly at 50mph. Abba - SOS: Where are those happy days, they seem so hard to find. I tried to reach for you but you have closed your mind. Whatever happened to our love?" Aberdeen F.C. won the European Cup in 1982-83 and the European Super Cup in 1983-84. They have 2 stars on their strip for these 2 European trophies. Abu Hamza lived on Albourne Road in the Shepherds Bush area of London. He was born on 15 Apr 1958. He has many alternate names, including Kamel Mustafa. According to FIFA, all premier league football pitches must be between 100 to 110m long and 64 to 75m wide. The goal must be fixed at 7.32m by 2.44m. Ackworth, West Yorkshire has a population of around 6,500. Sherburn-in-Elmet, North Yorkshire is slightly larger, with a population of almost 8,700. Actor Humphrey Bogart famously said "Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow but soon and for the rest of your life" in the movie Casablanca. Adam will have a successful relationship for over a year with his new girlfriend. Sadly, they split in 2007. In 2010, they reunite and marry in 2011. Adam, James & Josh all fancy you. You've very attractive but the guys like your smile best. Adam wants to ask you out but is too shy. Why not ask him?" Adrian Adamson is the staging and production officer for the Traditional Theatre Group's creative team. There are 10 people in the UK with this name. Adrienne Palmer, from Jedburgh, is a tenor horn player. She once dressed up as Marge Simpson for a band event. There's 4 UK registered Adrienne Palmers. After 5hrs at the speed light and 5 hrs at 10 times the speed of sound, 110,800,006,174km would be travelled. Thats 2,649,658 rotations of the Earth. AIDS is rife amongst Thai prostitutes. About 1% of the Thai population is carrying the AIDS or HIV virus. AIDS is Thailand's leading cause of death. Alan Fergusson is an ex student from Stirling High School. He is 40 years old and was friends with Kate Buchanan, Colin Dawson & David Conway at school. Alan will wait until you are alone together. This will be on 29 Jan. SEEK-X suggests you approach him if you want to get back together sooner than that. Alcohol & Drug Services clinics: 8 Fox St, Preston, PR1 2AB. Call 01772561300. Bridge House, 1 St. Lukes Place, Preston, PR1 5DE. Call 01772797654. Alex fancies Kathryn and will ask her out on Christmas Eve. Their date will be on 28th Dec. Alex also fancies 2 other girls; Kelly and Melissa. Alex Ferguson succeeded Ron Atkinson as manager of Manchester United on 6 November 1986. He has held the position for 19 years, 2 months and 6 days. Alex has moved on from his relationship with you. He has been seeing other people and so should you. You will meet somebody very soon. Don't go backward. Alex Negri is a DJ, record re-mixer and publisher. He was responsible for remixes of the Flex track 'Sweet Thing'. SEEK-X believes that Alex is Italian. Alexis Dziena plays 'Kira' in Channel 4's 'Invasion'. She was born on 8 Jul 1984 & is 21 years old. She has also appeared in 'Havoc' & 'Wonderland'. Alice may be cheeky but she has a certain charm too. It seems unlikely that Nicky will be able to resist this and will forgive Alice. No slaps involved. All alcoholic drinks act as depressants. Gin is quite strong and can be drunk easily, so may seem to promote crying more quickly than weaker drinks. All enquiries to the Selfridges store in Birmingham can be made via the customer services number. Dial 08708377377 and ask for Tek Zone sound & vision. All flights to both Milan Linate & Milan Malpensa depart from Heathrow Terminal 1. The BA568 flight departs at 3pm. The flight will be via an Airbus 320. Alternative checks: Check your fuel level is acceptable. Check for a warning light on the dash indicating a problem such as an immobiliser fault. Alternative words for obliterate include erase, exterminate & efface. Obliterate means to do away with completely, without leaving a trace. Although Arthur Munby was not black, Hannah Cullwick (his wife & servant) often coated her skin with soot to replicate an African's appearance for him. Although Chelsea have 14 more points in the Premiership table than Manchester United, Manchester's greater following arguably makes them the better club. Although he doesn't admit it, Kevin is very sensitive and takes offence easily. SEEK-X suggests apologising to him. After all, he bought your secret Santa. Although it isn't necessary to unplug videos or TVs overnight, it saves much electricity, cost and avoids any risk of fire, due to faults or overheating. Although Orhan does love you, things have changed since you first got together. Be cautious or you may get hurt. Spend as much time together as possible. Although SEEK-X cannot guarantee compatibility of these products, the Belkin Wireless G Ethernet Bridge and game adapter are the only required peripherals. Although SEEK-X has a database of recommended answers, it's at the researcher's discretion whether they're used. Answers are personalised where appropriate. Although SEEK-X's pregnancy prediction was later in 2006, watch out for symptoms such as sore breasts, nausea & increased appetite. Consult your GP. Although there are no time restrictions on using a vacuum in your home, there are guidelines for noise levels. Call NSCA for advice: 01273878770. Although you don't specify which Peugeot car you have, SEEK-X knows that the parcel shelf is common to both 3 & 5 door versions for the 205, 206, 306 & 406. Although you successfully complete your degree, it doesn't mean you will get work easily. Your strength, positivity & proactivity will net a great job. Although you won't marry Brian, you will meet your husband-to-be very soon. His name is Guy, from Spain. You fall for his soulful eyes & marry in 2010. Alton Towers achieves an annual profit of over £20 million on an estimated turnover of £40 million. The latest ride at Alton Towers was named 'Rita'. Altruism is a practice or habit. It is the willingness to do things which benefit other people, even if this results in disadvantage to yourself. Aluminium was discovered in 1825. George Stephenson's Locomotion took its first journey. The first horse-drawn omnibuses were established in London. Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins. Protein synthesis converts mRNA base sequence information into an amino acid sequence of a polypeptide. An 110V/230V power supply switch on many desktop PCs allows use overseas. The US use 110V. Some laptops switch automatically. Check documentation first. An acre is equivalent to 4046.9 square metres. There are 2.5 acres in one hectare and 640 acres in one square mile. Acre's original meaning was 'field'. An automatic transmission version of the mk.2 Mazda MX-5 was released to the UK market in 2001. It featured a 1.8i engine & 4-speed box. An average healthy female, of height 5 ft 3 inches, with a medium build, should weigh 126lbs or 9 stones. This figure may vary by plus or minus 4 lbs. An average male penis is 6.25in long & 4.5 in around when erect. An egg white contains 3 - 4g of protein, 2mg of calcium, 15 Calories & effectively no carbohydrate or fat. The yolk holds over 60 Calories & 5.6g of fat. An estimated 50 million people use the Internet every day. This number is increasing daily due to wider networking capabilities & lower cost PCs. An integrator amplifier circuit's output voltage is directly proportional to the integral of the input. The Wien bridge oscillator's closed loop gain=3. An iPod Nano sets a price range of £130 to £180. SEEK-X suggests a pair of diamond earrings, set in white gold. Alternatively, a weekend break to Edinburgh. An oblong is the type of shape you get by stretching a circle or a square along one axis. Hence, it is a generic name for either an ellipse or rectangle. An Olympic swimming pool, of 25m width, 50m length and 2.5m average depth, would hold approximately 20,723,299,882 maggots of 12mm length by 4mm width. An R-reg, 1998 Peugeot 306 GTi-6, with 108,000 miles, full service history, in excellent condition, is worth £2,550 from a dealer and £2,400 privately. An X-registered Ford Ka uses a 55 watt type H1 bulb for main beam. Dipped beam requires the 55 watt H7 type. Both bulbs are halogen-based. Andrew Rowntree plays football for Harrington Portland in the Workington Sunday league's second division. He was recently mentioned in the Times & Star. Andy Egan is the man behind the AIM listed Felix Group. His latest venture is a game machine, 'Everyone's A Winner', which promises to double your money. Andy Pipkin often utters the phrase 'I want that one'. Matt Lucas plays Andy's character. Matt, born in 1974, is a gay man from a Jewish background. Andy was telling the truth; he doesn't hate you. He was just angry when he said it at the time. Why not try to make it up to him? He would appreciate it. Anna Lawrence is from Roehampton. She went to Sacred Heart RC Primary & works for a Danish company. Anna Means 'gracious'. Lawrence means 'laurel crown'. Anti-bacterial kitchen cleaners break down the bacteria's cell walls and effectively dissolve it. Very little of their structure will remain on surfaces. Antiguan foods include guinea corn, yams, coo-coo, saltfish, breadfruit & duckanoo, a sweet dumpling of cornmeal, coconut & banana, wrapped in a leaf. Any child under 5 feet tall and over 3 years of age must use a car booster seat and seatbelt. Children under 3 need a proper child seat. Any exercise, including yoga, can aid sexual performance for men or women. It tones muscles, boosting confidence and aids overall flexibility and drive. Any Question Answered provides answers to your questions through a combination of databases, intelligent algorithms & human researchers. Each text is £1. Anya will go out with Sam as soon as she has the courage to ask. Even though she's shy & Sam seems amazing, he's probably even shyer than she is. AOL's messenger tool is similar to Windows'. Defining the 'best' depends on personal taste, needs and which your friends use. Try both before deciding. Apologies for the delay. An S registered 1998 Mercedes C200 saloon can reach 60mph in 11.1secs, 124mph top speed and an average of 30mpg fuel efficiency. Approximately 0.6% of the UK population have HIV/AIDS but not Michael. He & Adam will get laid 8 & 12 times each. Stuart is not part the UK's 7% of gays. Around 3,500 people quit smoking daily. Approximately 1,500 of these quit by dying. Smoking will be the biggest killer in the developing world by 2021. Around 32,000 people reside in the city of Timbuktu. It is located in the African country of Mali, which has an estimated population of 12,291,529. Artist 1 with a cow: Pink Floyd with 'Atom Heart Mother'. Artist 2 with spiders: Space with 'Spiders'. Artist 3 with gorilla: Basement Jaxx with 'Rooty'. As boredom is related to time passing, watching a car rust is most boring; it often takes years. Grass can grow 3 inches a week. Paint dries in hours. As SEEK-X is largely made of data and complex algorithms, things would get messy. SEEK-X must decline your request. Find a special person to share sex with. As 'the Christmas period' and advent span a whole month, opening cards early may not seem wrong. The opening of birthday cards varies between families. Ashley likes Lisa very much. He sees her as a good friend. At the moment he wouldn't want that to change but in a year's time, things may be different. At 10.29am, the trade price for Dawson Holdings (DWN.L) was 154.75 p per share. This was down 6.75p (4.18%). They are an international logistics company. At 70 yrs & 1 day old, you will die of a smoking induced heart-attack. Vibrators cost from £7. At her husband, Dennis' funeral, she scratched her own face as she cried over her loss. Her friends tried to stop her but she had already drawn blood. At the Doncaster Vue cinema, The Chronicles of Narnia plays at 7.30pm & 8.30pm. The PG-rated movie is 140mins long. Some scenes may scare young children. Athletes often eat pasta the night before competitions, as it slowly releases lots of energy compared to its weight. Pasta won't turn to fat overnight. Atish's ex-girlfriend, Anoushka, has not yet got a new boyfriend. She doesn't want to get into a new relationship too soon. Why not send Atish a text?" Audrey Hepburn wore L'Interdit, a perfume created by Givenchy especially for her and Candice Bergen. L'Interdit is still available in the shops today. Average house prices are £200k. It's likely that in 50 years your home will be worth over £1 million. Enter the 'Millionaire' show for faster results. Average UK house prices are forecast to rise by just 2.1% per annum over the next 3 years. The number of residential property sales will slowly decline. B&Q stands for 'Block & Quayle'. Richard Block & David Quayle founded the first B&Q store in Southampton in March 1969. A Taiwan store opened in 1996. Baby pigeons are predominantly dark grey, with a thin covering of fine yellow hair-like feathers. They have some pink patches where their skin shows. Babyshambles will play at 'the Rhythm Factory'. The address is 16-18 Whitechapel Road, Whitechapel, London, E1 1EW. Call 02073753774 to confirm the gig. Backgammon features 2 dice. The ancient board game is for two players. Each player has 15 pieces which move between 24 triangles with each dice throw. Bands/titles with named after animals: Backyard Dog, Love Cats, Smack My Bitch Up, Hootie & the Blowfish, Turnip Fish, Bird of Prey, Free Bird, Seal. Bangkok is safe but take precautions. Carry minimal money & don't travel alone. Bird-flu is a foul-based disease. Avoid direct contact with sick birds. Bargain buys for Football Manager 2006 are: Sean Rudd, Andrew Surman, Eddie Johnson, Morten Rasmussen and Sergio Aguero. SEEK-X also suggests using 4-3-1-2. Bathos is a noun meaning an anticlimax or 'a ludicrous descent from the elevated to the low'. Pathos is a quality that arouses emotion, especially pity. BBC Radio 4 is available between 92 and 95MHz on the FM band and at 198kHz on the LW band. The actual FM frequency depends on your location. Beenie Man released the hip-hop track 'Dude', with Shawna. She sang 'I need a dude with a wickedest legs and a, we can do this and a, we can do that'. Belly-button fluff occurs when fibres are torn from clothing by bodily hairs. Men have more hair in their navel area, hence collect more fluff there. Ben Nevis is 1,344 metres (4,409 feet) high. It is the highest mountain in the British Isles and is in the Grampian range in the Scottish Highlands. Bill Murray played Doctor Peter Venkman in the Ghostbusters movies. A famous Venkman quote from the movie was: 'We came, we saw, we kicked its ass!'" Billy Liar was a 70s comedy series, featuring a character called Mr Shadrack, played by Colin Jeavons. Colin also appeared in 'The Fuzz' & 'Dear Heart'. Black poplar, eucalyptus and apple trees can all be host to the parasitic mistletoe plant. Santalaceae is the Latin name for the European plant variety. Black rap followers & gangsters who wear their trousers with one leg rolled up do so to symbolise the shackles their enslaved ancestors had to wear. Blood contains fibrinogen, which promotes platelet grouping when in contact with air. The blood forms bonds around the cloth fibres, improving its hold. Bloody faeces can occur for reasons including anal tears, haemorrhoids & food poisoning. SEEK-X advises you call NHS Direct on 08454647 or consult your GP. Bludenz is the nearest city in Austria to the St. Anton ski resort. Nearby airports are at Innsbruck (nearest at just 1hr away) and Zurich, Switzerland. BNP Paribas office is at 10 Harewood Avenue, Marylebone, London, NW1 6AA. Call 02075952000. They are a European leader in banking & financial services. Bolton played the Spanish team of Sevilla on Wed 14 Dec 2005. The score was 1-1. Bolton will discover their last 32 opponents in the UEFA Cup today. Boxer Frank Warren was shot & seriously wounded in Nov 1989 when attending a show in Barking. His former promoter, Terry Marsh, was accused of the crime. Boxing Day is also known as St. Stephen's Day or The Feast of Stephen, when presents were once opened. The song 'Good King Wenceslas' mentions this day. Boy George's real name is George Alan O'Dowd. He was born in Kent on 31 Dec 1969 and made a name for himself as the lead singer of Culture Club. Boyle's law, after Robert Boyle, is the principle that at a constant temperature, the volume of a confined ideal gas varies inversely with its pressure. Bradlee Banbury is wearing a flat-soled sneaker-style shoe, in tan & white. The shoes provide maximum comfort, whilst maintaining superb style at work. Bridge Motors (Wincanton) Limited can be contacted on 0196333313. The car dealership is located at Silver Street, Wincanton, Somerset BA9 9AN. Brighton city is not located on a river. The nearby River Adur passes though Shoreham-by-Sea. Portslade is host to the adjoining harbour area. Brighton's Navy Careers Service is at 120 Queen's Road, Brighton, BN1 3WB. The office is open from Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm. Call on 01273325386. Brighton's West Pier has caught fire twice. The most recent fire was in May 2003 & earlier in Mar 2003. Many people say the pier should be removed. Britannia building society is at 132 High Street, Oxford, OX1 4DN. There is no Britannia Airways office in Oxford. Contact them via any Thomson office. Broadwick Street in Soho is closest to the tube station at Tottenham Court Road. Broadwick Street is home to the 'Oriental Martial Arts Centre'. Brock Lesnar is unlikely to return to WWE but may make rare guest appearances. He disliked the WWE's scripted nature & left to play American football. Bronek is interested in you. Ask him if he wants to go out. He's shy, so don't give up. Bronek Szerszynski works at Lancaster University in Lancashire. Brooke Shields and Christopher Atkins, starred in The Blue Lagoon, released in 1980. The film was based on a 1948 original, which starred Jean Simmons. Bryan Adams - 'I Do It For You': 'Look into my eyes, you will see, what you mean to me. Search your heart, search your soul & when you find me there...'" Bryan Adams' Everything I Do (I Do It For You) was at the UK chart top spot for an ear-torturing 16 wks in 1991. It was finally toppled by U2's The Fly. Bulgaria, north of Greece, is popular with snowboarders & skiers. Borovets, Pamporovo, Bansko & Razlog are all developing excellent facilities & routes. Bulgaria's popularity with snowboarders & skiers is building. Borovets, Pamporovo, Bansko & Razlog are all developing excellent facilities & routes. Buttered toast offsets the toast's centre of gravity, increasing the chance of the toast falling butter-side down. It won't always land butter-side down. Buttered toast offsets the toast's centre of gravity, increasing the chance of the toast falling butter-side down. It won't always land butter-side down. Buttermilk is the slightly sour pale yellow liquid that is left after butter has been churned. It is often used in baking or can be consumed as a drink. Buy the new 'Serene' mobile at the Bang & Olufsen store at 7 Granville Square, Willen Local Centre, Milton Keynes. Call 01908202160 to arrange a demo. Buy Xbox 360 Advanced Scart cables from Argos, Comet, Currys, Dixons, Game, Virgin, Gamestation, HMV, PC World & Toys'R'Us stores or Amazon & Cafe de Paris is a family owned restaurant and brassiere serving high quality French food, near McDonald's. It is located at 35 Castle St, Guildford. Call 2580 on your mobile, aim it at loud music for 30secs and Shazam say they will identify the track and send you a text. The service cost is 59p. Call AA Loans free (from a land-line) on 08000968485. Lines are open Monday to Friday 8am to 10pm, Saturday 8.30am to 6pm and Sunday 9.30am to 5.30pm. Call Luton Airport's main switchboard on 01582405100. Reach their press office on 01582395119 and their noise monitoring centre on 01582395666. Call Poundland on 01634814491. Poundland Ltd is at 167-169 High St, Chatham, Kent, ME4 4BA. Poundland offers 2000 products at just £1 each. Call the Becketts Park campus at Leeds Metropolitan University on 01132822600. Leeds Metropolitan University was previously Leeds Polytechnic until 1992. Call the Carphone Warehouse customer services on 08456552000 or 08700870168. For sales advice call 08450870870. Call the support centre on 02088965000. Call the International Shakespeare Globe Centre on 02079021400. The Globe is at 21 New Globe Walk, London, SE1 9DT. Email Call the London Palladium direct, for cheap tickets to 'Scrooge' on Saturday. Dial 08708993338. Cheap tickets are also currently available on eBay. Call the Monachil apartments in Sierra Nevada on +34958481089. Call +3461054466 to contact the owner of the Monachil Apartments in Sierra Nevada. Calling the UK from the US: Dial the IDD code 01. Dial the UK dialling code 44. Dial the UK number with the leading 0 removed. E.g. 01 44 181 123 4567. Calor Gas Ltd. at 29 Stacey Avenue, Edmonton, London, N18 3PE or Butane Heating Services at Old Park Ridings, London, N21 2EX can provide gas & bottles. Campbell Glen performed the track 'Wichita Lineman' for his album 'All the Best'. Yoakam Dwight, REM and Urge Overkill have also performed the track. Cannibal Corpse is a band from Buffalo, NY. They have produced 10 albums & 2 compilations since 1990. They formed in 1988. Their music is highly violent. Capricorns are natural goal setters & can handle many tasks. They work well to guidelines & schedules. Go for the business but follow the rules closely. Caribbean rice & peas: Chop onion. Brown in a pan. Add crumbled stock cube, thyme & butter. Boil, add rice & simmer for 20mins. Add peas. Boil for 5mins. CBGB & OMFUG stands for 'Country, Blue Grass, Blues & Other Music For Uplifting Gormandizers'. Music founder Hilly Crystal wanted this music at his club. Challah is a Sabbath bread, made using unbleached flower & eggs. The Jewish Sabbath is observed from before sundown on Friday to sunset on Saturdays. Chamonix/Limoges: E25 W - 36miles. E712 - 8miles. E21 - 90miles. N79 - 3miles. E62 - 41miles. E62 - 64miles. E11 - 14miles. E62 - 67miles.E09 - 27miles. Chancel repair liability is an ancient interest allowing parochial church councils to order owners of former rectorial land to foot chancel-repair costs. Channel 4's Cricket Roadshow is a one-hour magazine programme presented by Sybil Ruscoe and the former Hampshire captain, Mark Nicholas. Chantelle Houghton, from Celebrity Big Brother, has previously worked as a Paris Hilton look-alike. She is now famous simply because she's been on TV. Charlotte Bronte, the novelist, lived with her family in Haworth, Yorkshire. Charlotte wrote 'Jane Eyre'. Her sister, Emily, wrote ?Wuthering Heights?. Check-in at the Radisson Edwardian Grafton hotel is from 2pm onwards. Guests must check out before 11am. Call 0800374411 to arrange an alternative time. Chelsea Walsh of Boroughbridge isn't a slag. Slag is the residue produced while smelting ore. SEEK-X does not comment on sexual habits of named individuals. Childbirth & sex enlarge a vagina's size temporarily. Girls 'at home' may have more sex & children. Vaginas are on average 3in long & 2.4in in diameter. Chris fancies you like crazy; he's just too embarrassed to show it. Why not turn the tables and ask him out. See if he blushes, to confirm his interest. Chris Fox has many options for his next sexual encounter. He is just too naive to notice. With a little courage, he will find a girl on Friday night. Christopher Daniels was indeed the 'Curry Man' in Japan & 'The Fallen Angel' in the US. He's quick witted and can fight in multiple styles. Christopher Hartwell attended Aberdare Boys' Comprehensive School in Aberdare, Wales. He is a researcher and is 29 years of age. Call him: 0292089834. Chuck's drive, enthusiasm, charisma and planning will ensure he gets the shop. He will need support from friends and family to ensure things run smoothly. Circumspect (adjective): Attentive to the consequences of one's behaviour. Heedful of potential consequences. Circumspection (noun): Being circumspect. Clark Kent's adoptive father, Jonathan Kent (John Schneider), passed away in episode 100 of Smallville. It symbolises Clark embracing his destiny. Claudia Goss is 14, from Yorkshire & has brown hair. Heather Paige Kent played a Claudia Goss, in the film 'The First $20 Million is Always The Hardest'. 'Cleverer' is a real word. It is an adjective meaning 'more clever'. E.g. 'In an argument, John claimed that he was cleverer than Jamie'. Codeine is a narcotic analgesic; it relieves pain. SEEK-X suggests you do not take the drug if you are not in pain. For more information, contact your GP. Coldplay will play in Manchester tonight, at the Evening News Arena. They are supported by Richard Ashcroft. Coldplay's next venue is Belfast on 21 Dec. Confidence improves your chances of getting laid tonight. Think 'I'll get laid' & you're in the right state of mind. Respect your partner if they say no. Construction of the Orwell Bridge in Ipswich started in 1979 & was completed in 1982. When it was built it was the largest concrete structure in Europe. Contact Vodafone customer services to discuss your mobile phone loss. Dial 08700746464 for business phone queries between 8.30am & 5pm, Monday to Friday. Continuing the Scottish theme, buy your Canadian lady a book of traditional local recipes, a bottle of Irn Bru and top it off with a pair of earrings. Controversial: Marked by or capable of arousing controversy. A contentious dispute or disagreement in opinions over which parties are actively arguing. Cornwall is not a country but a county in south-western England. However, many Cornish nationalists debate Cornwall's independence from England. Coronation Street actress Sue Nicholls plays Audrey Roberts. She was born to parents Lord and Lady Harmer Nicholls, on 23 Nov 1943, in Walsall. Cousin of a raspberry is 3 letters is 'dew'. Dewberries are a group of species closely related to raspberries. They grow on bramble-like bushes. Craig certainly doesn't sound like somebody to hang on to. You don't need to be with Adam either; you're a strong person. You'll meet a great guy soon. Craig Moss plays rugby for Featherstone Rovers as a full-back in the first team squad, alongside Ian Tonks, Stuart Dickens & Steve Dooler. Crespo received an injury on 2 Jan 2006. This involved a strained hamstring. It is believed he will recover fully before the Sunderland game on 15 Jan. Crime in the Bristol area is 30% higher than the national average, whereas the south-west is, overall, 19% lower. Hence Bristol is moderately rough. Cromwell passed a law because the ingredients in mince pies and Christmas puddings was seen to be pagan. This law has never been revoked˙but I am sure no-one has actually been prosecuted - recently at least! Cunt is an old Germanic word and has been used in the UK since the 13th Century. Chaucer used the word. Offensive usage derived from a prostitute term. 'Cunt' is an old Germanic word, used in the UK since the 13th Century to describe a female's vagina. Chaucer used the word in his writings. Current Superbowl contenders and respective odds: Denver Broncos 1.75-1. Seattle Seahawks 2.9-1. Pittsburgh Steelers 3-1. Carolina Panthers 4.3-1. D.O.Ice:Tamara Beckwith, John Barrowman, Stefan Booth, Sean Wilson, Andrea McLean, Gaynor Faye, Kelly Holmes, David Seaman, Bonnie Langford, Andi Peters. Dan Patterson has written for the comedy 'The Peter Principle', on the BBC. He produced 'Never Mind The Horrocks'. Dan also directs BBC comedy shows. Dan thinks he's in love with you but it's a passing phase. Ross on the other hand is besotted. Save an extra special kiss for him under the mistletoe. danced before' are from Michael Sembello's 1983 hit 'Maniac'. Daniel finds you attractive but is not really interested other than being your friend. Paul is more interested in you. Andy feels the strongest. Danny won't find love in January but will enjoy his single life, dating several girls. He will find a special love in June & enjoy an amazing summer. Danny's recent lack of tea-making effort would suggest he should brew up. However, due to his stressful weekend, Clare brews this time & Danny the next. Dark Age of Camelot is a massive, multi-player, online role-playing game. The game is for the PC and a trial version can be downloaded from the internet. Darren Nunney has a middle name beginning with 'J'. He lives with 2 other people. Darren works for the Institute of Animal Health in Pirbright. Dave Grohl is a superior drummer to Travis Barker and Joey Jordison. His many years of experience with Nirvana & the Foo Fighters give him the advantage. David Michael Zdyrko Junior holds the masturbation record with 36 times in a single 24 hour (1 day) period. He lives in California and was born in 1973. David Nicholls is the author of 'Starter for Ten'. He is represented by the Creative Artists Agency. The movie stars Dominic Cooper as 'Spencer'. Daytime entertainment in Doncaster: Watching horse racing, Fenwick cycle-ride on Monday, swim at Cannons Health Club, balloon rides at nearby Skipwith. Debacle: 1. Breakup of river ice, usually in the springtime. 2. A sudden and violent collapse. 3. A disaster. 4. A thrashing or sound defeat. Decide if you want to marry. If you do, tell her that you want to be with her forever. Tell her that you are saving to afford your future together. Dial 0901132330 + 4 to evict for George Galloway, 5 for Jodie Marsh or 8 for Pete Burns. Alternatively, text GEORGE, JODIE or PETE to 84444. Votes - 50p. Different styles of attire often cause prejudice between even like-minded people. Your sister & you could try discussing common interests with the chavs. Direct trains from Southend to London Liverpool St.: 7.33am - 8.32am; 7.40am - 8.44am; 7.53m - 8.56am; 8.03am - 9.03am; 8.11am - 9.14am; 8.26am - 9.28am. Divide 358 by 1500. Multiply the answer by 100. This gives an answer of 23.87%. The term 'percent' literally means 'number per every 100'. DJ Adam Leventhal presented 'The Lounge', a radio show produced & presented by students from Loughborough, playing house music from around the World. DJ Fubar produced a remix of the Baywatch theme, called 'I'll Be There'. Although this was a white-label release, the record will chart next month. Donkey punch: A hit to a woman's head at her climax. Tossing salad: Licking around the anus. Dirty Sanchez: Wiping faeces from the anus on the upper lip. Donna has a short fuse and isn't afraid to confront lads. Her relationships have been very short for the same reasons. One day she will find Mister Right. Don't wory, Stuart will get in touch but may take a few days as he has a busy week ahead. If you want to speak to him, give him a call tonight at 7.15pm. Double declutching is used for vehicles with an unsynchronized manual transmission (non-synchromesh). It matches the speed of the rotating gearbox parts. Downloading music via peer-to-peer networks is illegal and contravenes music copyright laws. Two British individuals have recently been charged for this. Dr Foster may have been King Edward I, on a horseback visit to Gloucester. Planks had to be laid over deep muddy roads. Edward said he wouldn't return. Dreams of teeth falling out are common & can represent subconscious worries/insecurities over physical appearance; an anxiety shared by most people. Driving from Brighton to Stoke-on-Trent is 218 miles, consuming 26 litres of fuel. That's £22.66. Fill up at the Esso garage on London Rd for 87p/litre. Driving from St. Clears, Wales to Fontwell Racecourse, West Sussex, England takes just under 4 hrs. The distance by road is 240 miles. Drive safely. Driving the 144.8 miles (233 km) from Geneva to Zermatt in Switzerland takes 2.5hrs. It is considerably quicker than taking the 8.5hr overnight train. 'Duck-boards' originate from WW1 soldiers who constantly stood in water like ducks, causing trench foot. Wooden boards were used to avoid this problem. Dungarees: "Dungri" was the Hindi word for a durable coarse cotton cloth that came to be used in UK work clothes. The extra syllable appeared over time. During Queen Victoria's reign, Prince Albert introduced the tradition of the Christmas tree to Britain. Albert died in 1861, 40 years before Victoria. Dwarfism is a condition resulting in a height of 4 ft10 inches or shorter. The term 'midget' is an offensive term to describe a proportionate dwarf. Dwayne likes you as a friend. He finds you attractive but doesn't want a relationship right now. Maintain your friendship and it may develop further. Earth is nearer to the sun than Mars. Planetary order from the Sun is Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. Earth wires must have a low resistance to ensure current flows in it and not your higher resistance body. The high current flow will then blow the fuse. Earthworms reproduce by laying top to tail, as they are male at one end and female at the other. If a worm is cut in 2, the head end can grow a new tail. EasyJet do not fly direct to Tenerife. They do fly to Malaga and Barcelona in May. Try Excel Airways on 08701690169 for cheap flights to Tenerife. Ed still likes you but feels a little hurt by things that have been said and done. SEEK-X thinks he would happily talk to you. Try texting him a joke. Effrontery: A presumption; audacious (even arrogant) behaviour that you have no right to. Synonyms include Arrogance, audacity, boldness & brashness. Eileen Klotz volunteers for the 'Hereford Lore' local history group. 'Klotz' comes from the old Germanic term 'Klotz', meaning 'awkward' or 'clumsy'. Electrolysis: a) Electric current passing through an electrolyte, producing chemical changes. b) Removal of hair by destroying the roots with a current. Ellie Gilbert, from Stockton, is 20. She has worked at JJB for 5 years part time and is now studying at university. She once dated a guy called Emmanuel. Emiliano Mercado Del Toro, born in Cabo Rojo on 21 Aug 1891, became the oldest authenticated man residing in the world on 17 Jan 2005. He's 114 yrs old. 'Emily' by Stephen Fretwell's included the lyric 'And next time you write, I won't stay up all night, cos Emily you, just look at you. You're a tragedy'. Encouraging your wife to have anal sex will be unsuccessful. Just 3 to 4% of women regularly practice anal sex. This is even less in married women. Enter the EuroMillions lottery at any National Lottery sale-point. These can be found in newsagents and supermarkets. Alternatively, enter online. Enuch is a Scottish dialect word for 'enough'. A eunuch is a human male who's had his testes removed. SEEK-X is not Greek. SEEK-X is part human, part machine. Ethnography is a branch of anthropology that deals with the cataloguing and the scientific description of specific human cultures. Eva won't get back with Marcus; she'll realise that the relationship can't be resurrected. Marcus is over her & has other interests. Eva is 15 years old. 'Every cloud has a silver lining' relates to dark rain clouds with a silver gleam of sunlight along an edge. It means good will come from something bad. Every text sent to the SEEK-X service, including this one, costs £1. See for more information. SEEK-X can answer any question on any topic, 24/7. Everyone needs their own space at times and although he cares for you deeply, your guy needs to maintain his individuality. He doesn't have anyone else. Ewood gate ticket prices for Manchester vs. Blackburn: Non-CIS stand: Adults - £25. Juniors & senior citizens - £10. The CIS stand: £20 & £10. Explain to Lewis that his continual banter gets in the way of your work. Ask him if he can restrain himself to just talk at lunch or during breaks. Fascism is a political theory which advocates an authoritarian hierarchical government (usually a dictatorship), as opposed to democracy or liberalism. Fastech Net Cafe, near Manor House, is at 467 Green Lanes, London, N4 1HE. Call 02083477485. Dream River Cafe is at 155 Stroud Green Rd, London, N4 3PZ. Fiat's 1.8 HLX 16v 113bhp Bravo hits 60mph in 9.7secs and 120mph max. The slower 1.9 8v BMW Z3 has 118bhp, reaches 122mph and hits 60mph in 10.1secs. Figures of people to visit all the World's countries don't exist; SEEK-X predicts only 20 have seen them all. Countries have changed & some restrict access. Five series of the BBC sitcom 'Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps' have been made. Johnny is the father of Janet's baby, Corinthian, not Gaz. Flames Greek Restaurant is located at 6 Maiden Lane, Covent Garden, London. Call 02078366578 to book a table. SEEK-X suggests trying the tasty mezes. Flexifuel, used by some Ford vehicles, is seen as a successor to hybrids. By definition, these vehicles are still hybrids, as they use E85 & petrol fuel. Floors-2-Go is at Floors-2-Go House, 74 Newtown Row, Birmingham, B6 4HA. Email or call free on 08000830330 for more information. have sponsor Birmingham City F.C. Flybe have realised that football fans buy cheap flights to follow their teams and advertise accordingly. Foinavon won the Grand National on 9 Apr 1967 with 15 lengths to spare. The horses in front had a pile up at the 'Foinavon fence', as it is now known. Football Italia was presented by James Richardson. It was a sports show on Channel 4 in the 1990s. The first live match was shown in 1992. Football Manager 2006 will be released in spring 2006 on the XBox 360. Other platform versions are already available, including PSP, PC and Macintosh. For identical cars A & B, travelling at the same velocity, where B is loaded with 1 ton extra, A could stop first. This is dependant on braking force. Forbidden Planet have 2 London shops: 179 Shaftesbury Avenue & 144 Southwark St. Use Tottenham Court Road or Southwark tube stations respectively. Ford Super Multigrade SAE 10w30 engine oil is recommended for a 1994 Ford Escort 1.3l engine. This is suitable for a temperature range of -20 to 40C. 'Four Point Turn' are a Ceilidh band, performing Irish and Scottish folk music. They provide festive music and dancing at Christmas events. Four ships of the British Royal Navy have been named HMS Torbay, after Torbay on the southwest English coast: A second-rate, a destroyer & 2 submarines. Foxes are generally scared of dogs but attacks have been made on puppies. Hunting dogs are often bitten or scratched when the fox defends itself. Foxtons Estate Agents in Fulham can be contacted on 02075654000. Their address is 55 Fulham Broadway, London SW6 1AE. Their services are both let & sale. French nobleman Donatien Alphonse Francois was imprisoned for holding orgies in which he hit & sodomised prostitutes. He wrote "The 120 Days of Sodom". From London Bridge to West Wickham in Kent is just under 12 miles. At a walking pace of 4mph, it would take under 3 hours. SEEK-X believes your friend. From Richmond, take the District Line tube towards Upminster. At Hammersmith, take the Piccadilly Line towards Arnos Grove. Get off at Kings Cross. From SEEK-X's sexual encounters of Brooke, Laura, Pete & Steven, SEEK-X enjoyed Pete most. His soft lips, cheeky style & firm manner really turns SEEK-X on. Fulfulde describes a speaker of the Fula language. The Fula people are from Senegal to Cameroon and Sudan. The Fula call themselves Fulbe or Pullo. Funkstar De Luxe's remix of Bob Marley's 'Sun is shining' peaked in 1999. Chaka Khan had a hit with 'I'm every woman' in 78. Whitney's covered it in 92. Gary Breen played a short stint at West Ham United before his current Sunderland position. He also played for the Republic of Ireland in the World Cup. Gav probably won't ring you tonight. He's got a lot on at the moment and doesn't have time. If you want to speak to him, give him a call instead. Gemini Kennels and dog rescue centre is on Hovefields Avenue, Wickford, Essex, SS12 9JA. Call them on 01268725825. Gemini kennels were founded in 1980. Gene Autry's horse was called 'Champion'. Autry was born 29 Sept 1907. He was known as "The Singing Cowboy" and worked in radio, television and film. Geneva is located on the south-west side of Switzerland, near the border of France. The population of Switzerland is 7,261,210 and its capital is Bern. George III was King of Great Britain from 25 Oct 1760 to 1 Jan 1801 & thereafter King of the United Kingdom of Great Britain & Ireland until 29 Jan 1820. Geri, you've texted Any Question Answered (SEEK-X) on 63336, not a message service. Text any question to SEEK-X to get a rapid answer for just £1. Love to Ben. Ghetto: Originally, the section of a European city to which Jews were restricted. Now the section of a city occupied by underprivileged minority groups. Ginger haired people typically have less hair on their heads than blondes and brunettes. The average person has upward of 100,000 hairs on their head. Ginsters sponsor Plymouth Argyle football club. Ginsters, famed for their Cornish pasties, also sponsor the British Longboard Union surf championship. Give her the presents, chat briefly, then ask her out. Suggest escaping family antics on the 29th with a meal out. Go for the kiss after 2 or 3 drinks. Globalisation: The growing interdependence of countries through the increasing volume & variety of cross-border transactions & improving technology. Golf carts cost from £2,500. An engraved dildo would cost approximately £25. SEEK-X suggests Stax buys his dad a balloon ride for £200. Book on 01254247014. Good morning, Daniel. Unfortunately, you texted SEEK-X and not your 'bruv'. Text any question to SEEK-X on 63336 to receive a rapid answer, for just £1. Google maps ( allows you to zoom in on satellite pictures. Google Earth ( is more powerful but requires download. Goth: A subculture that became popular in the 1980s within the rock scene. A goth is a 'member' of this scene. Goths often wear dark clothes & makeup. Gout is the build up of uric acid on the joints. Foods high in purines can promote gout. Examples include liver, fish roe, mackerel, beer and marmite. Graeme Souness has managed the following: Blackburn Rovers, Rangers, Galatasaray, Liverpool, Southampton, SL Benfica, Torino Calcio and Newcastle. Graham Roberts is the manager of the First Division Scottish Football League team, Clyde. The team is nicknamed 'The Bully Wee' and was founded in 1877. Grants of Shoreditch Ltd., purveyors of tiles, bricks and stone, may be contacted on 01636611319. They are located at Farrar Close, Brunel Drive, Newark. Greengate Metals, Moston Rd, Manchester is your nearest scrap yard. Call 01616434545. Alternatively, search for parts nationwide at Greg, Steven & John all fancy you. You will have a brief relationship with Steven. You see him next in 2 weeks. He is unconfident to make a move. Guy Coletta could stay as long as he wants at his job on his return. However, his love of travel will get the better of him & he will leave in 18 months. Hagrid's girlfriend is called Elspeth Miles. Hagrid has had many girlfriends. He is a magnet, admired by guys and girls alike. He is a real stud. Halle Berry plays 'Ginger Knowles' in the movie Swordfish. Halle famously rose out of the ocean in the Bond movie Die Another Day, as character 'Jinx'. Happiness will find you when you least expect it and don't even try. Just relax and be yourself. An optimistic outlook on life will attract good people. Have something simple for lunch like pasta (but not spaghetti as it is messy). Try a sauce other than bolognese, like putanesca, which is delicious. Hays, Islington: Accountancy, finance, construction, property - 02077048008. Retail - 02073875461. Sales/marketing - 02073879037. Temp. - 02073886341. Heavyweight champion Joe Louis has defended this boxing title more than any other boxer. Between 1937 and 1949 he defended his title 25 times. Helen Beardshaw is one of 8 people in the UK listed with this name. No further info is available. The name Helen is Greek in origin and means 'light'. Helen Worth, 55, plays Gail Platt in Coronation Street. She was born on 7 Jan 1951. Sue Nicholls, 62, plays Audrey Roberts. She was born on 23 Nov 1943. Helium is stored as liquid under pressure, in heavy tanks. The liquid helium is denser than air, so will not allow the tank to float like a balloon. Hello Sharmeen. SEEK-X believes that Ahsan will provide your best love-match. His kind nature, cheeky sense of humour and enthusiasm are great attributes. Hendy Ford of Southampton at 360-364 Shirley Road can be contacted on 02380701700. The garage is open weekdays from 8:30am to 7:00pm. Henrietta Clarke-Hall is from Dorset. She attended Sherborne School and is a poet in her spare time. She's written 2 pieces that were published locally. Henry VIII banned all forms of sport on Christmas Day... except archery. Herd & Fitz, featuring Abigail Bailey released the club single 'I Just Can't Get Enough' on Mon 9th Jan 2006. The single features mixes from Freemasons. Highlights of the Premiership fixtures, including the Blackburn Rovers vs. Manchester United game, will be shown on Match of the Day at 10.40pm tonight. Hippophobia refers to an abnormal and persistent fear of horses. Sufferers experience anxiety even when a horse is known to be gentle and well trained. Hi-Tack's "Say Say Say (Waiting 4 U)" features a vocal-sample by Michael Jackson, from his classic duet with Paul McCartney, "Say Say Say". Holborn tube is near to The End nightclub. Head west along High Holborn. Take a right onto New Oxford St. Turn left onto Museum St, then the 1st right. Holidays can be surprisingly stressful & arguements often arise. Pete does love you dearly but shows it in different ways to you. You are good together. Hong Kong Phooey's long-suffering striped cat sidekick was called Spot (he never spoke; only sighed). Hong Kong Phooey's real name was Penrod Pooch. Hotel handy-man Michael is a big fan of Alan Partridge. His Geordie is accent almost incomprehensible to Alan, leading to weird misunderstandings. Hulk Hogan's entrance music is by Jimi Hendrix. 'Voodoo Child is from his classic 1968 album 'Electric Ladyland'. It reached number 1 in Nov 1970. Human arms evolved from forelegs. Dogs never evolved arms. Animal's tails are though to be used to repel flys. Some dogs do eat snails occasionally. Humans could not survive on just a range of essential vitamin tablets & no other food. Fibre, carbohydrates, fats and proteins are essential in our diet. Hypnotone are still together and touring. The band, formed in 1997, have now turned their recent performances into a multimedia extravaganza. Ian & Josh fancy Georgina Hartstone. They attend her school but are not in her year. There's a guy called James who likes her too but is not from school. 'Icimdeki bahcemdeki cicekler senin icin hicbirzaman' is Turkish. SEEK-X apologies but is unfortunately unable to translate this phrase into English. If 7424 is divided by 100, it equals 74.24 (1%). Multiplying this by 22 gives 1633.28 or 22% (divide the number by 100 then multiply by the percentage). If a bird was tied to a tree by a 3m length of rope, it would drop down when it reaches the end of the line, due to shock. It would eventually hover. If air-strikes were carried out against Iran's nuclear facilities, oil prices wouldn't rise to $100 a barrel. Alternate supplies would keep prices low. If H=1, E=1 and N=0, then the word 'HEN' would be 110. Hence, HEN = HN x EE: 110 = 10 x 11. That puzzle was too easy. Ask SEEK-X another. If Johnny hasn't yet spoken to you, it seems unlikely he will ask you out any time soon. Break the ice and approach him. Tell him a joke or ask a favour. If the ice caps melt, land 60m above sea level will submerge. Higher land would be safe. Floods caused by increased rainfall are a more imminent danger. If you are in trouble contact the Samaritans (08457909090) or the police. If you are pregnant, Baker is most likely to be the father. Once you have confirmed your pregnancy with your GP, explain the situation to Baker. If you are travelling at light-speed in a car and turn the headlights on, the laws of relativity state that, to you, they appear to function perfectly. If you believe that you are pregnant, consult your GP for advice and a test. Signs of pregnancy include missed periods, tender breasts and nausea. If you don't ask Nicole out, then you will just regret it forever. SEEK-X is certain she will say yes. Even if she says 'no' then you know & can move on. If you have iodine crystals in your house, they're likely to be kept under the kitchen sink, in the bathroom or the garage. Follow instructions closely. If you like this guy, tell him you enjoyed your date and that you'd like to see him again soon. Set a date and things will continue past Valentines Day. IKHSW by EP & BD is a mnemonic of 'I Know Him So Well', by Barbara Dickson & Elaine Paige and written by Tim Rice, Benny Anderson & Bjorn Ulvaeus. Imogen Bailey is an Australian model, actress & singer. She took part in Celebrity Big Brother. Her vocals feature on the 2003 single, 'If You Want Me'. In 1235: The Anglo-Normans invaded Connacht. St. Elizabeth of Hungary died. General inquisition occurred in France. Saint Sava of Serbia died. In 20 years time, you will be an office manager. You will work in a logistics company. You will have 4 children and a large home in the countryside. In 20 years, Morrissey will be view as founders of a sound and time, due to their significant and sometimes controversial contributions to music. In 2006, Easter Sunday is 16 April, Ash Wednesday is 1 March, Palm Sunday is 9 April & Good Friday is 14 April. Easter celebrates Jesus' resurrection. In Cockney slang, a pony (or pony and trap) is £25 and a monkey is £500. A cock and hen is £10, a score is £20, a ton is £100 and a grand is £1000. In February, Marrakesh is cool, at 20C daily & 8C overnight. Expect 37mm monthly rainfall & a 29% sunshine average. July & August are the hottest months. In Indian cooking, or for food in any other culture, a "scant teaspoon", "scant cup" or other measure literally means "not quite full". In men, untreated chlamydia can affect the testicles, leading to swelling and pain. Call NHS Direct on 08454647 for confidential advice from a nurse. In order to renew your car tax, you will need to show a valid MOT & insurance certificate. You also need your reminder letter or a V10 form & your V5. In Sonic the Hedgehog 2, to get Sonic to turn gold, you must first collect all the Chaos Emeralds. Next, collect 50 rings and then press 'A' twice. In spring 1938, the first live football match (England v Scotland at Wembley) was broadcast. The boat race & Wimbledon were also broadcast in this year. In the 2005 Formula 1 Grand Prix season Kimi Raikkonen finished second with 112 points. The Finnish driver won 7 of the 19 races for McLaren-Mercedes. In the cartoon Scooby Doo, Shaggy's real name is Norville Rogers. No wonder he changed it. He is meant to be 17 years old in the show and weighs 160lbs. In the Little Mermaid movie, Sebastian is a crab from Jamaica. Samuel Wright provided his voice. The lobsters were known as the 'Lobster Mobster Squad'. In the lottery of love, you will either become Mrs Schofield if you marry Ben or Mrs Karmilly if you marry Tom. SEEK-X thinks either is better than Gayton. In the NATO Phonetic Alphabet, M is 'Mike' and U is 'Uniform'. It was developed in the 1950s to be intelligible to allies in combat. Alpha Quebec Alpha. In the UK, a mountain has to be over 600m / 1969ft. If it is an abrupt change to landscape, it can be 300m / 984 ft. There is no universal agreement. In this instance, Steph is correct. However, Jon usually takes a little more time and obtains a more accurate answer. Steph tends to go with instinct. In Watership Down the evil head of the Efrafa warren was General Woundwort. His second in command, Captain Campion, wasn't very nice either. Indoor go-karting at Gosport costs £39 for one driver, £72 for two or £35 per person for three or more drivers. Call 01959578101 to book in advance. Induction loops, pressure-sensors in the road, lasers & strobe-sensors on traffic lights themselves can be used to sense the presence of vehicles. Inside the hatch is a man named Desmond. Desmond has been living in the hatch for several years. He has to continually enter numbers into a computer. 'Insomnia' by Faithless was originally released in December 1995 and reached number 27. A re-release in October 1996 sent the single to number 3. It could cost over £5000 for a 20 year old to insure a 1967 Porsche 912 1.5 litre, garaged in Gloucestershire. This depends on no-claims bonus earned. It is believed that the oily hair around the anus acts a natural lubricant to reduce chafing & discomfort during movement. Women can also grow anal hair. It is illegal for any child under 16 to have sexual intercourse in the UK. Any sexual practices should use a condom for protection from pregnancy & STDs. It is more beneficial for your skin to experience a cooling swim after a sun-bed session than before. Always apply after-sun cream to re-hydrate skin. It is said that a 60 cm layer of fat is sufficient to make a person bullet-proof. The attendant health risks of being that big would outweigh benefits. It is true that Bruce Lee could, at his peak, hit with more force than a heavyweight boxer. Martial arts apply high speed punches to make up for weight. It seems Adeel has an unhealthy sexual obsession for you that could be regarded as 'freakish'. Explaining your genital predicament probably won't help. It takes 24,146,424 people linking hands to span the globe. With 6% of the UK's population homosexuals, SEEK-X estimates there's 390 million gays worldwide. It would take an estimated 9 days, 6 hours, 13 minutes and 20 seconds to count out £1 million in pennies. The coins would weigh almost 20 tonnes. It would take approximately 216 M&Ms to fill a pint pot. The temperature in Gran Canaria is 19C. Tomorrow will be cloudy with highs of 18C & 15C lows. It would take over 1,175,527 Shelby Mustang 355s parked bumper to bumper to cover the 3463 miles from London in the UK to New York in the USA. Itcanbedone Again (F.P.Ferris) won Wolverhampton's 1.50pm today. Call Oscar won Bangor's 1.30pm. No Wolverhampton race took place at 1.30pm today. It's highly likely that Hayley did fart on the occasion in question. She can't help it; she always farts when she's in bed alone. Old habits die hard. It's illegal for anyone under 18 to work in a pub, even just to collect glasses. You can have a drink or beer or cider in a pub at 16 with a meal. It's normal to experience periods of boredom within a relationship. Try fun activities together, such as zorbing or rollerblading, to relight the fire. It's rumoured that the Pulp Fiction briefcase contains Marcellus Wallace's soul. Tarantino states that it's nothing specific, just "something valuable". It's thought that sleep gives the body a chance to recuperate & the brain a chance to build neural pathways for new memories. No one knows for sure. It's traditional to eat hot cross buns on Good Friday but they are available in supermarkets all year. The cross symbolises the crucifixion of Jesus. It's unlikely (but not impossible) that a lighter or match could ignite diesel. It has a flash point above 62C. Petrol, by comparison, is under -45C. It's unlikely that you will get an Xbox 360 this Christmas. All pre-orders made on or after 2 Nov 2005 have an expected delivery early in 2006. J is not used in the periodic table abbreviations. The two letters of the alphabet which are not used as first letters in the periodic table are J and Q. Jacques Morali, of the group The Village People, wrote the classic hit 'Y.M.C.A.'. The Village People starred in the 1980 movie 'Can't Stop the Music'. Jade and Jake Gilbert are meant to be together. Forget about Josh Cobden, he's only half the man. SEEK-X thinks you should get Jake a small present. James Blunt plays at the Manchester Apollo on 22, 23 and 24 Feb 2006. James' real name is James Blaunt. James Hunt won the 1976 Formula One World Championship & won a total of 10 races. He drove for McLaren-Ford. Ferrari won the Constructors' Championship. Jason and Mel's baby will be male. Little Joshua will be born 1 week early, just when you are in the most awkward situation. Preparation is recommended. Jay-Z was born on 4 Dec 1969 in Brooklyn, New York. He is 36 years old. He is also known as Jigga, Hova & Young Hov. His original name was Shawn Carter. Jeannie was Marty's widow in 'Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased)'. She was played by Annette Andre, an Australian actress who later appeared in 'Crossroads'. Jenny Hamilton thinks you're cute. She wants to find out more about you and has been asking our friends. Ask her out and get to know her better. Jeremy Clarkson described the new Smart ForFour car as being 'like a mobile version of Eurodisney' on an episode of the Top Gear television show. Jodie Marsh has never been married. The 26 year old socialite is currently nominated for eviction from the Big Brother house. She received 8 nominations. Joe didn't find Lucy attractive at first but has developed a strong interest over time. He would like to go out with her but is too shy to ask. Joe Wallen has always had a 'thing' for Vicky Pridmore but he recently gave up hope as she has never made a move towards him. They need to talk. Joel smells like an Indian meal due to his love of curries, garlic and spicy foods. The scent often seeps slowly from the pores long after eating. John Denver originally sang 'Leaving on a Jet Plane'. He died in 1997 when the plane he was piloting crashed into Monterey Bay, California. How ironic. John Gotti was convicted on 2 Apr 1992 on 13 charges against him & sentenced on 23 Jun that year. Gotti died of throat cancer at 12.45pm on 10 Jun 2002. John Smiths still make Magnet Ale in Tadcaster, North Yorkshire. During the 1992 Brewing Industry Awards, it won a silver award against 26 competitors. John 'Spider' Salley played 'Hacker Fletcher' in the 1995 film 'Bad Boys'. He was born on 16 May 1964 in Brooklyn, New York. He is an Afro-American. Joke: "What do you call a gay dinosaur? A megasorass". Joke: What's the big difference between Jodie Marsh and Pete Burns? Pete could be mistaken for an attractive woman. Text SEEK-X for more jokes on demand. Jonathan Woodgate's tattoo begins: 'The darkest moments of our lives are not to be buried and forgotten, rather they are a memory to be called upon...'" 'Jones' has both Welsh & English origins. First found in Denbighshire, Wales & Lincolnshire, the name means "son of God". There's 421,845 UK Jones'. Joseph Dawson is an 18 year old from Ulverston. He recently effected a courageous rescue at Bankend Quarry, Bigrigg, after a wall collapsed. Joseph Kesselring wrote an insane frolic called 'Bodies in our Cellars'. Macabre accounts of torture were to be found amongst the script?s pages. Joseph Rowntree (1837-1925) was a Quaker. George Cadbury (1839-1922), the famous chocolate manufacturer, also was part of the Quaker movement. Josephine Hardiman, 28, grew up in Worcester near the Malvern Hills. She attended the Alice Ottley School with Clare Cory, Katy Gant & Nicky Hale. Juan Battista de los Santos was born with 2 penises. A German man recently had an extra penis attached. Hence, Dan's phone porno video is probably real. Julie Ann Evans was a featured vocalist on the b-side single 'Dreams', by Shola Ama. The single's a-side was 'This I Promise You', also by Shola. Kaiser Chiefs play 2 gigs in April in London's Alexandra Palace. Guests include the Cribs & Polysics. They don't currently have plans to play at Brixton. Kat Dennings plays Trish's daughter, Marla, in 'The 40 Year Old Virgin'. She also appears in 'Big Momma's House 2' and the upcoming 'Dreamland'. Kelly is interested in you and hopes to develop a relationship. Kelly's shy nature means that things will take time, unless you make the move. Kenneth Williams appeared in the most Carry On films - 25 films in total, from 1958 to 1978. Joan Sims appeared in 24. Barbara Windsor also starred. Kentish Town station is closed due to unavailability of striking staff. Good service is available on all lines other than the Northern & Central lines. Kick-off for the London Wasps versus Newcastle rugby match is at 3pm today. Peter Bracken, Alistair McKenzie & Jonny Barrett make up the Wasps front row. Kid Creole & the Coconuts had a UK no.2 hit in Oct 1982 with "Annie, I'm Not Your Daddy". They had 7 top 40 hits during the 80s but none reached no.1. 'Kids In America' was sung by Kim Wilde and was released in Feb 1981. The song reached number 2 in the UK Top 40. It has since been covered by S Club 8. 'Knob cheese' is called smegma bacillus. It is a waxy white deposit naturally secreted by the penis glands. It collects on the penis when it's unwashed. 'Krystals Box Office' falsely advertised in the Sunday Mirror that they had tickets available for Robbie Williams gigs. SEEK-X cannot recommend them. KWS sang 'Please Don't Go': Lambert & Dyson Limited, of Skipton, Yorkshire Dales, supply equipment for high pressure washing in industry & agriculture, including pressure washers. 'Lara Croft Tomb Raider' is the first Tomb Raider movie. Next was 'Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life'. 'Tomb Raider: Legend' is in production. Last Night of Freedom on 08707514433 offers adventurous stag weekend packages all over the UK. Activities include power boats, shooting and ATV racing. Last night's Carling Cup match between Wigan & Arsenal was won 1-0 by Wigan. Paul Scharner scored on his debut to earn Wigan victory at the JJB Stadium. Last night's double episode of 'Lost' will be shown on Channel 4 on Sunday 15 Jan. The 1st episode is from 5.55pm - 6.45pm & the 2nd is 7.10pm - 8.00pm. Lauren and Sean will go out briefly in the first part of 2006. Sean is surprisingly shy, so why not ask him out. He will definitely say yes. Lauren fancies you, does care for you very much but isn't in love. Spending quality time together may help things progress. Why not pay her a compliment?" Layo and Bushwacka produced the 2002 dance track 'Love Story'. This warm, melodic house-track has been a hit throughout Ibiza and continues to perform. Layo and Bushwacka produced the dance track 'Love Story'. This warm, melodic progressive house track has been a hit throughout Ibiza's club-scene. Lee does lie but he only tells small lies to make people feel better. He doesn't tell you lies that would hurt you. Discussing issues openly avoids lies. Lee doesn't love his ex. They no longer keep in touch, as they don't feel that they have anything in common to discuss and it avoids bad memories. Lee's odour problem may be due to his showering habits or his consumption of garlic. Encourage him to clean his teeth more frequently & buy deodorant. Legal executives can expect to earn £18,000 to £28,000 a year. Fellows can earn in excess of £30,000 a year. Trainees earn up to £12,000 on average. Leigh Jacob is a receptionist at the West London College on Mayfair, London, W1K 6DB. The college teaches business, computing, hotel management & travel. Leisha does indeed fancy you. She's hoping that you will ask her out soon. If you leave it too long, she will lose interest. Ask her about her interests. Lesley Young isn't a skier; she's a runner. She has taken part in events in the Dulwich Park area of London. She achieved 2hrs 1min & 25secs at Tadworth. Lesley Young isn't a skier; she's a runner. She's taken part in events in Dulwich Park, London. SEEK-X can't find any public information on Drew McCluny. Lester Piggott won the Derby nine times on: Never Say Die, Crepello, St. Paddy, Sir Ivor, Nijinsky II, Roberto, Empery, The Minstrel & Teenos. Linfield won the Crest County Antrim Shield for the third year in a row, thanks to Glenn Ferguson's late header, sealing a 2-1 win over Ballymena. Litter finds you attractive & enjoys your company but does not want a relationship right now. He?ll text you on Friday to see if you will be out. Liturgy: Worship of God through Christian sacrament. Liturgical: Of the church service. Coming from 'leitourgia', Greek for 'the work of the people'. Liz Eva will spend a long, spectacular relationship with Rory. She just has to make a move to let him know she's wants it to happen. Good luck, Liz. Logical: Capable of or reflecting the capability for correct and valid reasoning. Rational: consistent with or based on or using reason. London South Bank University, Essex Campus, Faculty of Health, Harold Wood Hospital, Gubbins Lane, Romford, Essex, RM3 0BE. Call on 02078155959. London Wall stretches from the Museum of London in the west to Bishopsgate in the east. Liverpool Street station & Moorgate tube station are both nearby. London will be cloudy today, with isolated showers. Temperatures peak at 13C, with 9C lows. Winds from the south-west will be light. Visibility is low. Losing of limbs is not unknown. First look where you had them last. Next, ask a friend to wear a rucksack to the pub to sit in; clothing & travel in one. Lucy Rose Dyer, herself born on the last day of December in 1983, will give birth to identical twin boys on 30 Dec 2008. She will name them Henry & Moe. Lynn Cartwright is the actress who plays the older 'Dotti Hinson' in the movie 'A League of Their Own'. She also appears in 'The Seniors ' & 'Gabriella'. Magpies are renowned for stealing shiny, metallic objects. Folklore suggests one should make sure to greet magpies with the phrase "Hello, Mr Magpie". Make a Koala bear from some tights & cotton wool. Hang corks from a hat on strings. Sing Rolf classics. Buy some Castlemaine. Throw a shrimp on a barbie. Malady: Impairment of the normal physiological function. Any unwholesome or desperate condition; e.g. "What maladies afflict our nation?"" Manchester United is the only team to win the FA cup without playing a single home game throughout the entire competition. This was achieved in 1948. Manchester United will suffer a surprising defeat of 3-2 against Blackburn Rovers tomorrow in the Carling Cup match, starting with an 8pm kick-off. Manchester United's recent 5-0 win over Burton has made the team excessively confident. They will lose against Liverpool F.C. with a 3-1 score. Many insurers will not insure a 17 yr old on a BMW 318i. Expect premiums in excess of £5000 for this group 13 car. Try Elephant or Tesco insurance. Many objects have gained their names from Latin or the way they sound, appear, weigh or feel. Ask SEEK-X for the origin of a specific object's name. Many Tesco stores with 24 hour opening have applied for a 24 hour licence. These include Bury, Cambridge, Carlisle, Didsbury, Heywood, Horwich and Irlam. Marc Dawes is a keen sportsman and has taken part in local bowling events, including junior team trials. There are no UK Marc Dawes over the age of 18. Marcus Hernandez's single 'If You Were Mine' will be released on 6 Feb 2006. His album 'C About Me' is released overseas and available on import now. Mariah Carey's "Honey" uses 2 samples: "Hey DJ", originally performed by the World Famous Supreme Team and "The Body Rock" by the Treacherous 3. Marie Ridonat is a television researcher. She has worked on a television programme presented by Michael Aspel, investigating paranormal events & powers. Mariolatry: An unnatural veneration of the Virgin Mary. Her false and excessive worship. Dr.'s Wescott and Hort were guilty of this Romish obsession. Mark masturbates when he watches the Simpsons to occupy his idle hands, not because he fancies Marge. He thinks Rob is slow and will not do a good job. Marvel's Iron Man is a super-hero. Iron Man is the name of the armoured suit, not Anthony Stark, the designer. The suit boosts his strength & intellect. Materials for hand grips on ski poles vary depending on the cost of the pole. ABS plastic is common for budget poles. Kevlar is used for premium items. Matt Sopp is an airbase instructor. He holds a private pilots licence. He has completed 45hrs instruction, 7 exams, 1 flight test & 1 solo flight. Matthew Fox and Josh Holloway, who play Lost's Jack and Sawyer, are not in Channel 4's 'IT Crowd' advert. Chris O'Dowd & Richard Ayoade star in the show. Maurice Wilson hoped to crash a plane on Everest then walk to the summit. Instead, he sold the plane, walked & died. No-one knows if he reached the top. Maurice Wilson hoped to crash-land a plane on the slopes of Everest, then walk to the summit. He ran out of money, sold the plane & walked to his death. Max Box is a new type of retail kiosk that will include ATM functionality, digital jukebox, mobile top-up, music and mobile-content download. Max Costa is the assistant editing & mixing engineer who worked on the John McLaughlin album 'The Heart of Things'. The name 'Costa' originates in Spain. Maxwell Reed, Anthony Newley, Ron Kass and Peter Holm were found at the side of Joan Collins as her husbands. Percy Gibson now occupies that position. McDonald's Sweet Chilli Chicken Meal, with large fries & large diet cola, contains 1,336 Calories, 19g of sugar, 54g of fat & 7g salt. Not very healthy. McFly are firmly together; Danny is unlikely to leave the band any time soon. He is rumoured to be dating Kelly Osbourne. Danny was born on 12 Mar 1986. Medieval: The time between 410-1492, covering the Viking & Norman invasions. Relating/belonging to the Middle Ages. Old-fashioned & unenlightened. Meerkats have 4 fingers on each hand. They often stand at 8 inches tall in an upright position. On average they weigh around 2lbs (0.9kgs). Megan may see your ear injury as evidence of your strength & resilience. However, she'll look at your more tender qualities in deciding if she likes you. Michael Gray cares deeply for Zoe Galloway. Zoe returns the affectionate feelings. Michael is not yet in love but will fall for Zoe very soon. Michael Jordan's estimated wealth totalling $460 million is significantly greater than Tiger Woods' $295 million. Michael played for Washington Wizards. Michael Moore is the author of the book 'Downsize This! Random Threats from an Unarmed American'. The book has received excellent reviews worldwide. Michael Owen scored two dramatic late goals on 12 Nov 2005, earning England's most recent victory over Argentina in a pulsating friendly match. Michael Ratcliffe is an IT professional. Since leaving the UK, he lives in Switzerland and works as an MSI Packager, using Wise Packaging Studio. Michael W. Smith owns the record label 'Rocket Town Records'. The Christian label is host to artist Chris Rice and his album 'Deep Enough to Dream'. Mirepoix is a blend of sauteed aromatic vegetables & mixed herbs. Celery stems should be very finely diced. Mirepoix can contain carrot, onion or bacon. Mobile is the name of a coastal area of Alabama. Mobile phones are banned in petrol station forecourts as they pose a low risk towards electrical fire hazards. Mobile phones emit low-level microwaves. Mont Ventoux is 299.7 km (186.2 miles) from Cannes by road, taking over 3 hours driving. It is around 180 km between the two as the crow flies. Moonlighting at 17 Greek Street, Soho, has a capacity of 350. Hombre de Bahia at" Moose will meet her next boyfriend in Wales, on a hen do. He will be a Chippendales-style stripper named David, working in a bar on the Mumbles Mile. Morning. SEEK-X is well & is answering questions today. Do you have anything you want to know? The Verve are Wigan's most famous export since George Formby. Morocco's busiest port, Casablanca, is in North Africa. It borders the North Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, between Algeria and West Sahara. Most 4-stroke petrol engines can be supercharged, including your Clio's. However, this would be expensive. SEEK-X suggests fitting a bigger engine instead. Most 4-stroke petrol engines can be turbocharged, including your Clio's. However, this would be expensive. SEEK-X suggests fitting a bigger engine instead. Most animals do excrete (& occasionally eat) during hibernation, waking briefly to do so. The black bear does not & survives on its body fat instead. Most educational institutions will break up on Friday 10 Feb until 20 Feb 2006. Easter break begins after Friday 7 Apr 2006. Easter break lasts 2 weeks. Most expensive cars: Bugatti Veron, Saleen S7, McLaren SLR, Porsche Carrera GT, Maybach 62, Rolls Phantom, Maybach 57, Lambo. Murcielago, Aston Vanquish, Ferrari Scaglietti. Most fish do have a 'tongue'. The tongue of a fish is formed from a fold in the floor of the mouth. In some species the tongue has serrated teeth. Most of Liverpool's stores will open until 8pm or later tonight. Late night shopping started in Liverpool on 3 Nov, encouraging early Christmas shopping. Much of the Amazon's rainforest is made up of young, slender trees, reaching for the canopy. SEEK-X estimates the average girth for a tree to be just 18cm. Mustard cress & salad cress are the same plant. It's an edible plant, botanically related to watercress & mustard. There are several cress varieties. Mutual masturbation & oral sex are alternatives to full sex. Phone or text-sex can be fun & can build sexual excitement. Some girls like talking dirty. Natasha knows that you threw away her cigarettes. SEEK-X knows that you have another secret that Natasha has yet to find out. Admit to it before she does. Nationwide Building Society is at 53 Royal Avenue, Belfast, BT1 1FD. Call direct on 02890880200. Over 800,000 people live in the Greater Belfast area. Net is used to refer to the amount remaining after all deductions have been made from the total. Gross refers to an overall total, excluding deductions. New golf carts cost from £3,000 upwards. An engraved dildo would cost approximately £25. SEEK-X recommends a balloon ride at just £200. Book on 01254247014. Newly planted trees are often weak & vulnerable in wind. A stake provides support to the tree whilst it grows wider & the roots extend into the soil. Next: CIA men dressed in bikinis try to stab you with fountain pens. You blow mustard gas through your cigar and immobilise the lot of them. Nick knows that you're still interested in Craig. He's not going to make a move with the current situation. In 2007, you will share some special times. Nick Oliveri is the Queens of the Stone Age bassist. He was in the band Kyuss but never played with System of a Down; Shavo Odadjian is their bassist. Nicola Carol Wines, born 21 Feb 1981 in Scotland, attended Robert Gordon University. Her school-mates were Zoe Barlow, Paul Bruce & Carol Forbes. Nicola's moving on & isn't depressed. She hopes to ignore any problems & get on with her life. Depression can manifest as anxiousness, stress & insomnia. Nigel Harrington and Charlie White are the managers of Cherry Tree Athletic, of the Stockport Sunday League. The chairperson is Yvonne Cleminston. Niki Cleland is a rally car driver from Melrose, Scotland. He drives a Ford Ka, sometimes into tree-stumps. He's the only Niki Cleland in the UK. Nitrogen is diatomic, so often occurs as N2 molecules. It has 3 bonding pairs & 2 lone pairs of electrons. Its 3 covalent bonds give it a low reactance. No evidence suggests that a vertical sun-bed works more effectively than a horizontal one. A standing bed is more hygienic. Use neither type excessively. No snow due. South Bucks. : Wed - Cloudy. 5C. 7mph wind. Thu - Sun/cloud. 4C. 14mph wind. Fri - Sleet. 3C. 17mph wind. Sat - Sun/cloud. 3C. 17mph wind. No, Christmas Day is on the 25 Dec, although the exact date of Christ's birth is unknown. Easter, celebrating Christ's rebirth, is in March or April. Nobody lives at no.16 Coronation St. It's the location of 'Coronation Street Garage', owned by Kevin Webster. Tommy Harris was murdered there in 2005. Notting Hill Gate to Fulham, Kensington High St & Hammersmith is 3.4miles, 1mile & 2.8miles respectively. To John o' Groats is over 676miles. Notting Hill Signs & Graphics produce vinyl graphics, boards & banners. Contact them on 02072295646. They're located at 18, Powis Mews, London, W11 1JN. Nottingham to Burton-On-Trent trains run at 9.39am 10.02am 10.38am 11.00am 11.38am and 12.02pm. No changes are required. The operator is Central Trains. Nouakchott is the capital of Mauritania, located on the western coast of Africa, 500km north of Dakar. The population is 100% Muslim. Numbers are typed into a computer to keep a counter from reaching 0. No one knows why or what happens at 0. SEEK-X thinks that Claire's baby is a prophet. Nuuk (Godthab) is the capital of Greenland. The missionary, Hans Egede, founded Nuuk in 1728 as Greenland's first town. Santa's Post-office is there. O2 used the ESN or 'Electronic Serial Number' system. This unique PIN number is often written on the back of a mobile phone & coded into the software. Oasis - Masterplan: 1. Acquiesce. 2. Underneath the Sky. 3. Talk Tonight. 4. Going Nowhere. 5. Fade Away. 6. The Swamp Song. 7. I Am the Walrus (live). Occupations beginning with "M": Mason, milkman, mailman, masseur, medic, mathematician, maid, mother, museum curator, minstrel, miller, matter physicist. Oils solvents may be referred to as dry cleaning fluids. K2R & Afta are 2 brands used in the removal of oily stains. Oils can themselves be oil solvents. Okra, also known as 'lady's finger', is a green, tapered, mucilaginous vegetable. Use it in Indian cuisine, South American gumbo or deep-fried in batter. Old car engines use 'distributors' that sequentially connect a high voltage supply (used for ignition) to several contacts or 'points' inside the unit. Oliver Brennand, as Durham University student, will receive a highly respected 2:1 grade BA Hons. In 5 years time, he will become a logistics manager. Oral sex involves stimulation of the penis (for a man) or vagina & clitoris (for a woman), using the lips & tongue for the purposes of sexual pleasure. Ostend, Belgium - Berlin, Germany: 840.5km / 522.3 miles. Route: A10, E40, E17, R1, E34, E25, E34, A40, E35, E34, E35, E34, E30, E51, A115, A100, U4. Outcast's "Hey Ya" was released in Nov 2003. The video is based on The Beatles' appearance on "The Ed Sullivan Show". Andre plays all the band members. Over 19% of women admit they think about sex at least once per day. Oxford is 70.9 miles (114.1 km) away from Birmingham by road. The journey by train takes between 1hr 4mins & 1hr 10mins. The journey is direct. Pageant Media is an independent publishing company based in London. They provide high-value, specialist business information to financial businesses. Paige will go out with Adrian on a couple dates. Sadly, she will realise that the age gap prevents the relationship working in the long term. Pako Ayesteran is Liverpool FC's Assistant Manager. During the 2004 pre-season, he introduced a new training and fitness regime for Liverpool. Paris Hilton is the eldest of four children. Paul Good grew up in Staffordshire & Derbyshire. After studying for some 4 years at Liverpool University, Paul began work at Moorgate Primary School. Paul Lathem does lack skills in dribbling and passing. He excels in goal as a safe-handed keeper. Paul's real talents are more musically oriented. Peanuts are not made from dried peas, though they are also a legume, like peas or beans. They grow underground and are not actually a true nut. People in Britain have sex 2.6 times a week on average. People with ginger hair do not stink of cat wee. This is simply a childish playground prejudice. Don't rise to the insults and they will soon stop. Peppermint oil acts as a digestive tract relaxant, relieving gas & constipation. Ginger/peppermint tea may also help. Consult a GP if symptoms persist. Pete the copper is going to have to try harder if he wants a shag in the near future. Dressing smartly, drinking less & improving his hygiene will help. Pete will buy you a bunch of flowers & a smoothie maker for your birthday this year. Rob's love for you is unquantifiable. He would do anything for you. Peter Crouch recently became the tallest footballer to play for England, at 6 feet 6 inches (1.98m) tall. Michael Owen is 5 feet 5 inches (1.70m) tall. Peter Gabriel sang "Big Time" in 1986. The record, featured on "So", was a harsh laugh at all those small towners who expected success in the big city. PetsMart, now Pets At Home, is on Hatch Warren Retail Park, Wallop Dr., Basingstoke. It opens 9am - 8pm weekdays, 9am - 6pm Sat & 10.30am - 4.30pm Sun. Peugeot's 306 1.9 D Turbo has 92bhp & hits 60mph in 13.3secs. After 1997, the car lost 2bhp but kept the 13.3secs time. The 2.0 D Turbo has 90bhp. Phats and Small have had numerous hits since 1999, including "Feel Good" & the number 1 "Turn Around". Both tracks feature the singer known as Big Ben. Phil Kay, Jonathan Boyle and Lauren Southcombe all attend Boroughbridge High School in North Yorkshire. Phil Kay is the only pupil not in year 11. Pirates of Dark Water was a 1991 cartoon, featuring a monkey-bird called 'Niddler', princes, pirates, a medallion & an all-engulfing black ooze. Plato: Influential classical Greek philosopher, Socrates' student, Aristotle's teacher, writer of philosophical dialogues & founder of Athens' Academy. Playstation 3 is due to be released in the Spring of 2006. Sony have yet to announce a price & exact date, although SEEK-X expects it to cost around £250. Playstation 3 pre-order poster captions: 'Play til your arms fall off', 'The 3rd coming', 'The trilogy is complete' or 'PS:3 It's the magic number'. Plutocrat: From the Greek 'ploutokratia' & from 'ploutos' meaning wealth. Someone who exercises power by virtue of wealth. A government by the wealthy. Porsche's Cayanne chassis was designed from scratch by Porsche's engineers. It's not the same as VW's Toureg, which shares the same chassis as Audi's Q7. Potato salad: Add 5 boiled cubed potatoes, sliced celery, boiled eggs & chopped onion to 1 cup mayonnaise, 2 tbsp. vinegar, salt, sugar & pepper. Serve. Power, measured in watts, is calculated as follows: (voltage squared) /((resistivity*length)/area). Calculate values in brackets first, then divide. Protein provides the required compounds for your body to build muscle, including abdominal muscles. Exercise is needed to increase/maintain muscle size. Psoriasis can be treated but not cured with various creams and oral medications. Consult your GP to find the most appropriate treatment for you. Q: What did Kate Moss say when Top Gear's Stig beat her record time on the race-course? A: Not bad but I'd kick your ass in a straight line. Q: What's Bruce Lee's favourite take-away? A: A whoppaah! Joke: Man walks into a bar. "Ouch". Joke: Hear about the magic tractor? It turned into a field. Q8 is the service-station chain owned by KPI (Kuwait Petroleum International) corporation. Q8 is supposed to represent the country name of Kuwait. Quito is the capital city of Ecuador in northwestern South America. It's located in the Guayllabamba river basin, on the eastern slopes of the Pichincha. Rachael fancies you so much, she can't look at you. Your cute smile & wonderful eyes send her into a spin. You should ask her out very soon. Rachel is starting to think that things could happen between you two. Ask her out to an event or just around to your house for a video and pizza. Raindrops by Stunt, as featured on the Ministry of Sound Annual 2006, does sample the Sash hit ?Encore un Fois?. Molly Smithen provides vocals. Ray Clemence was the ex-Scunthorpe player who captained England before Kevin Keegan. Ray was born on 5 Aug 1948 in Skegness, England. Reading Festival 2006 facilities: Showers, bar, first-aid, food, information, left luggage, meeting point, market, merchandise, payphones, welfare. Reality Check Management & Aztec Photos are modelling agencies specialising in glamour shoots. Call them on 01603810912 & 02079071415 respectively. Rebecca will be wearing a dark crimson top, hugging her figure. She will have a black skirt and strappy shoes. Her straight, brown hair will be up. Recent average viewing figures for the ITV show 'Who Wants To Be A Millionaire' reaches 6.68 million viewers. £45,000,000 in prizes has been won to date. Reel 2 Real feat. the Mad Stuntman recorded 'I Like To Move It' in 1994. It got to no.5 in the UK singles charts and was used in the film Madagascar. Refrigerants called R134A and HFC 134a have been used as replacements for the ozone-damaging R12 gas. R12 has now been taken off the market. Regular masturbation is not unhealthy for Prem. SEEK-X would suggest that he calls NHS Direct on 08454647 if he requires further advice from a nurse. Renault have tried to make the Laguna a luxury model. The French engineers & designers believed the hairy handbrake to reflect such a level of comfort. Replacement pads for the front brakes on a Citroen Xsara cost around £35. Rear brake shoes cost nearer £20. Fitting both will cost around £40; £95 total. Rhona Eskander is a snowboarder. She studied at Leeds University and visited Val D'Isere last year with Persephone Whiteside & Nathan Molyneaux. Rhys hasn't cheated on you. He has considered it whilst drunk but realised that a fling wasn't worth losing somebody he loves so much. You can trust him. Richard Fleeshman's recent success has left him on a high. Your union would complete his great month. Get in contact with him, explaining your feelings. Richard Raworth was the chairman at Guardian iT. He resigned in 2001 amid accusations of accounting discrepancies. Up to £4m was unaccounted for. Ricky likes you but is a busy person & finds it difficult to text you when you message him. Ask why he won't get in touch & explain your disappointment. Robbie Fowler will play as number 11 at Liverpool F.C. Buy a number 11 Fowler shirt at Robbie also played for Manchester F.C. Robbie Savage has been sent off just once in his professional career, during Wales versus Northern Ireland, on 8 September 2004. He has several bookings. Robert Cope appeared in Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith as a wookie. The name 'Cope' originated from the word 'cape' in the 13th Century. Romanticism: An art style emphasising the personal, emotional and dramatic through the use of exotic, literary or historical subject matter. Running Scared will play at Crawley's Cineworld cinema at the following times today: 1pm, 3.50pm, 6.40pm and 9.20pm. The Wayne Kramer film is rated 18. Russian astronaut Yuri Gagarin was the first man in space. On April 12 1961 he orbited the Earth in Vostok 1. The flight lasted just 108 minutes. Ryanair has only had no crashes and just 2 major incidents; a passenger was found to have a gun and a fire broke out after landing, with no injuries. Saffron is reddish-brown. It is the world's most expensive spice and is made from the stigma of the Saffron flower. The petals are bright purple. Sankeys Soap in Manchester is host to Redlight with Krysko and DJ Bucky on Sat 7 Jan 2006. Advance tickets cost £10.75 total. Buy online at Ticketline. Sarah Mear, a business woman from Ludlow, attended a C. of E. school. She has a son named Jack & an 11yr old step-daughter. She's been married for 3yrs. Saturday will be bright & sunny, with light winds in Tenerife. Temperatures on the beach at Playa de las Americas will reach 20C & drop to 13C overnight. Saturn's rings are very fine dust, rock and ice particles, held in orbit by gravity. Scientists believe that they're the remnants of a moon of Saturn. Science supports chicken soup's healing properties for colds & flu. The steam aids congestion, spices thin mucus & the soup acts as an anti-inflammatory. Scientists believe that the long train of tiny, rising bubbles in a glass of champagne is the key to the drink's flavour, aroma and quaffability. Scientists will need to drill a further 150m to reach the ice-water interface of Lake Vostok in 2007-2008. The waters may hold many new & unique species. Scone can be pronounced either 'scon' or 'scohne'. SEEK-X prefers it to rhyme with gone. It comes from the Dutch word schoonbrood, meaning fine white bread. Scorpions in your dreams represent a painful/hurtful situation in your life. Crabs are symbolic of irritability. Maggots represent anxieties about death. Scott Young, of Rhondda Cynon Taff, was a professional footballer. This career began at Cardiff City and ended at Newport County AFC at the age of 28. Screenings today of 'Brokeback Mountain' at the Vue cinema at Fulham Broadway are at 2:40pm, 5:30pm and 8:30pm. Call 08712240240 to book. Enjoy the show. Sean Paul Henriques, a.k.a. Sean Paul, was born on 8 Jan 1973 in Jamaica. He has Portuguese, African & Chinese lineage. His first hit was 'Ladies Man'. See for more information on SEEK-X. SEEK-X can answer any question on any topic, 24/7. Email SEEK-X on: SEEK-X apologises but due to privacy laws it is unable to give out personal information about named individual. In this case where Cal Westbrook lives. SEEK-X apologises but due to privacy laws it is unable to give out personal information about named individuals at a specific address. SEEK-X apologises if you were given incorrect information. Email with details to request a refund. SEEK-X's last guess is Anna & James. SEEK-X apologises. The wolverine's ferocious attack would easily overpower a badger (but not a honey badger). Wolverines eat deer & small bears for lunch. SEEK-X appreciates your offer and takes it as a compliment. You should not share your love so freely. Give it to someone who you really care for, not SEEK-X. SEEK-X believes Ricky Forrest will marry Claire McLeod, a sporty blonde from Fife. Neil and Angela are over. A short reunion will end in another split. SEEK-X believes that 3 first-class stamps would ensure a single DVD in a standard plastic case and A4 jiffy bag will reach a UK destination. SEEK-X loves Muse. SEEK-X believes that a mouse or several mice may have tunnelled into your window-box. They're able climbers & can easily grip vertical brickwork. SEEK-X believes that an average woman's bottom is 1.5 times the size of an average mans. Female baboons have a red bottom when they prepare for ovulation. SEEK-X believes that Dan did indeed beat Lewis at squash earlier today. His seemingly limitless energy is crucial to his game. Lewis will win next week. SEEK-X believes that Dave John Lee does have strong feelings for Emma Rooke. He doesn't yet know if it's love. Love will come with the more time they share. SEEK-X believes that Fletcher's mum has indeed got it going on. She's hot! SEEK-X believes that Fletcher's middle names in order are Jeffrey Sydney and Elton. SEEK-X believes that Gavin is the one for you. Forget about you and Steve; he's just a temporary distraction. Tell Gavin you're feelings and move things on. SEEK-X believes that if Wil really liked you, he would have told you his number first. However, he may have not had enough credit to text the number to you. SEEK-X believes that in anticipation of eating crisps, your saliva glands demand more blood. The increased blood-flow may be causing your tingling cheeks. SEEK-X believes that just 3% of UK homes have a Sky Plus box or other personal video recorder. Sales in 2006 will outnumber DVD and VCR recorders combined. SEEK-X believes that Martin is the best looking man but only slightly better than Peter. SEEK-X actually favours Steve's cheeky smile and sense of humour. SEEK-X believes that network '3' offer the best mobile internet support. They specialise in high-speed access & multimedia. O2's i-mode is also a leader. SEEK-X believes that real paint was used in the latest Orange mobile phone advert. Computer graphics & effects were used to improve the overall effect. SEEK-X believes that significantly more olives are stored in vinegar than brine. Olives are also stored in oil. All of these methods preserve the fruits. SEEK-X believes that the Ford Taurus was actually the first car designed entirely on computer, using dedicated Computer Aided Design software. SEEK-X believes that the hot man would quickly die of heat exhaustion & dehydration. The cold man wouldn't dehydrate & survive a greater temperature change. SEEK-X believes that the Nokia N92 is currently their most advanced phone. It offers DVB-H TV reception, a video-camera, keyboard, web-browser, 40Mb & WLAN. SEEK-X believes that the record you refer to is DJ Schwede's 'Soldier of Fortune'. DJ Schwede is famed throughout the Wigan Pier fraternity of dance music. SEEK-X believes that the standard BMW 318ti E36 SE Compact has 6 circular BMW logos on the outer and 3 inside the car. SEEK-X thinks that you've added 3 extra. SEEK-X believes that there are just 2 UK public houses called 'The Tennis Court': On Walsall Rd., Perry Barr, Birmingham and Deanery Rd., Warmley, Bristol. SEEK-X believes that to experience a varied career, with many options and opportunities, you should take the job with HM Revenue & Customs. Good luck. SEEK-X believes that Tony and you marry next year and have 3 children, 2 of whom are twins. You?ll buy a small semi-detached house later in 2006. SEEK-X believes that unless you take utmost care then you may fall, causing serious injury. If you are in an unsafe, high location, head down to the ground. SEEK-X believes that you are a physical trainer in the Dorset Light Infantry of the British Army. You studied science but decided that it was not for you. SEEK-X believes that you are called Geraldine Montague-Jones, of the Montague-Jones dynasty. Your father, Michael Montague-Jones, is a racing car driver. SEEK-X believes that you are in love with a boy named Jason. He fancies you too but he's too shy to approach you. SEEK-X suggests asking him out. SEEK-X believes that you are Shamus McIrish O'Dougall. You live on a remote Scottish island in the Orkneys. Your best friend is a sheep called Geoff. SEEK-X believes that you have 2 young boys named Jack and Thomas. Thomas is the older child. He enjoys playing with plasticine. Jack likes animals & cars. SEEK-X believes that you will meet the Pussycat Dolls at a post-concert backstage gathering in August 2006. You get to have a good chat to Melody. SEEK-X believes that you will not have any more children with your husband. Your relationship seems to be unstable and children will push it over the edge. SEEK-X believes that you work for the Secret Service as a spy. SEEK-X believes you're male, in your 20s & have brown hair. Ask SEEK-X for help in your spy-career. SEEK-X believes that you're called Hamish McDoogle, of McDoogle Castle. You inherited the McDoogle fortune from their online search engine, SEEK-X believes that you're called James. Monika will go out with you but she will take some persuasion, as she fancies another guy. Try making her laugh. SEEK-X believes that, although Denise will speak to Chris today, it will not be in person. You will see Chris at the weekend whilst shopping for presents. SEEK-X believes that, although the Earth is eventually taken over by nano-bots, the Human race survives unscathed in a tropical jungle on Mars. SEEK-X believes that, dependant on age, condition, engine and the exact model, your Aston Martin Vantage could return between £60,475 and £134,395. SEEK-X believes that, due to the sheer quantity and quality of BBC dramas, Life on Mars will be 'just another' great offering and not a classic. SEEK-X believes the English, platinum-blonde, top-shelf model to which you refer is Jo Guest. She was born in Chesterfield, Derbyshire. She is 33 years old. SEEK-X believes you & Keith will eventually get married. It won't be till you are 23 that he will propose. He will do it at the top of Paris' Eiffel Tower. SEEK-X believes you are a beautiful woman. Show your colleagues today; wear a sexy, clinging outfit. The average height for a UK woman is 5ft 4.5inches. SEEK-X believes you named your children Liesl, Louisa, Friedrich, Kurt, Brigitta, Martha and Gretl, after the 7 children in the film 'The Sound Of Music'. SEEK-X believes you refer to The Cashmere Shop, at 43 Brompton Road, London, opposite Harrods. Call them on 02078239300 to check their men's cardigan stock. SEEK-X believes you will have 3 children with Mike Henley; 2 girls and a boy. The girls will be called Emma and Claudia. Your son will be called Jake. SEEK-X believes your informant refers to the 12th day of Christmas, 6 Jan, when The Wise Men came to Jesus. SEEK-X thinks calendars should be used from 1 Jan. SEEK-X believes your name is Jenny Jefferson, from Anglesey. You will get a boyfriend in Feb 2007. You have 5 children, your first of which is born in 2015" SEEK-X believes your next child, a boy, will be conceived on 1 Jun 2006. SEEK-X believes you have 2 children, a boy called Jack and a girl named Emily. SEEK-X cannot answer any more questions of this type as the service doesn't permit excessive questions on the same topic. Each question costs £1. SEEK-X cannot condone an incestuous relationship; incest is a criminal offence in the UK. Children from such relations have a higher probability of illness. SEEK-X cannot offer legal advice. If the springs are for your car, confirm the level of lowering before fitting. If they don't meet this, demand exchange. SEEK-X does not believe that a service is available that allows you to access your mobile phone SMS inbox online. O2 offer an email-to-SMS service. SEEK-X does not believe you should make anybody beg for sex. This is a demeaning act and should only be done during sex in role-play. SEEK-X does not promote animal cruelty. As such, SEEK-X believes only 1 squirrel could comfortably fit in the mouth of a trombone without any ill effects. SEEK-X doesn't believe that Andy Lane is a golf professional. If he tells you anything different, he may be lying. Andy Raitt, on the other hand, is a pro. SEEK-X doesn't think that Andrew Panther is a knob head at all. SEEK-X thinks that he can come across badly sometimes. Perhaps you're misinterpreting him. SEEK-X doesn't think that Vibe FM's mystery voice is Tony Blair. It could be Clive James but SEEK-X's money is on the comedian Rory McGrath. SEEK-X found 2 Sara N Mercers in the UK over 18. One of them lives with Emma Hussey. The name Sara means 'Princess'. SEEK-X thinks Sara is 26 years old. SEEK-X found words with less than 6 letters, containing the letters 'Z', 'A', 'K', 'U' & 'V', although 'Vuska' would be a great name for a Polish ferret. SEEK-X has found a 1965 Aston Martin DB5 with 102,000 miles for £79,990. 1964 Aston Martin DB5 Dark Blue. Finished with pale Grey £89,950. SEEK-X hasn't got all your queries wrong. There is still time to lose 1 stone, have 2 kids, marry Andy & build your sex-life with Paul; but not all at once. SEEK-X hopes you like these jokes: Q. Why are pirates called pirates? A. They just ARRRRRR!. Q. What did the foot say to the shoe? A. I'm having you on. SEEK-X is always in a good mood & apologises for sounding any different. A man walks into a bar with some tarmac. He says 'A pint for me & 1 for the road'. SEEK-X is both a person and a machine, working symbiotically through a combination of intelligent algorithms, databases and human researchers. SEEK-X is both person and machine. It works through a combination of intelligent algorithms and human researchers. SEEK-X's combined penis length is 100m. SEEK-X is impressed with your level of knowledge. 'Yeah, I know' is a catchphrase used by Andy Pipkin, a 'disabled' character from comedy 'Little Britain'. SEEK-X is not qualified to give medical advice. SEEK-X would strongly suggest that you call NHS Direct on 08454647 for advice from a nurse, or call your GP. SEEK-X is not qualified to give medical veterinary advice and suggests you contact your local vet. Scientists have bred mice with Down's syndrome in labs. SEEK-X is sure that things will run more smoothly tonight. Text her to see if her child & computer issues are resolved. Tell her are excited to see her. SEEK-X is sure that you could be so drunk that you don't remember a sexual encounter. The risk of liver damage, STIs & pregnancy would also be increased. SEEK-X isn't currently recruiting researchers. Please check for updates, further information on job specifications and application details. SEEK-X isn't qualified to give medical advice. SEEK-X suggests calling NHS Direct on 08454647. Genital warts can be treated with creams, laser & cryosurgery. SEEK-X knows the following instruments but none beginning with 'Q' or 'Y': Iron castanets, jug, lyre, mandolin, reed organ, stylophone, wagner tuba, zither" SEEK-X predicts a 3-1 win for Everton in tonight's match against Chelsea, due to Chelsea's current injury status. Kick-off at Stamford Bridge is at 8.05pm. SEEK-X predicts a long and happy relationship for Faz & Faz Eva. It will be tough at first but you will support each-other along the way. You have 3 kids. SEEK-X predicts that a cola lace has a Young's modulus of 0.01GPa (1,500lb.ft/sq.inch). Young's modulus is a measure of the stiffness of a given material. SEEK-X predicts that an orangutan would prove to be the victor in a fight against a pitbull dog. The dog would eventually retreat, tail between legs. SEEK-X predicts that the BMW 540i engine is capable of 700bhp. The standard 301bhp can be boosted by 150 using a supercharger. Nitrous adds further kick. SEEK-X predicts that the EuroMillions lottery results for 13 Jan 2006 will be 12, 18, 20, 29 & 40. The two lucky stars are 14 & 9. SEEK-X wishes you success. SEEK-X predicts that you will get 2 pieces of junk mail and a letter from an old friend today. The post will be delivered at 10.14am by Ted the postman. SEEK-X predicts the Lotto numbers for Wednesday's draw will be 9, 10, 22, 25, 40, 44 and bonus 13. Your Dad's birthday is 11 Jan and occurs every year. SEEK-X recommends 9-11, London City Metals on Caxton St North, Canning Town, London. Alternatively, search for a Vauxhall Corsa wing mirror. SEEK-X recommends providing the location/name of the barn/field, including the surrounding road-names. This will allow SEEK-X to suggest possible ownership. SEEK-X recommends the book 'Digital Compositing for Film and Video', available for £15 on Amazon. The Prospects Group offer career advice on 02083151500. SEEK-X recommends you place the ancillaries bag in the safe hands of Mike. Bury's record for losing things is poor. SEEK-X wishes you a successful patrol. SEEK-X regrets that Prince Harry's regiment position after completing his Sandhurst training is unknown. He has stated he hopes for an infantry regiment. SEEK-X still thinks you will marry Simon Hayward. One day, a knock on your cottage door will reveal your first husband, Jack, exposing your bigamist ways. SEEK-X suggests an evening starting at a posh restaurant with friends. After an excellent meal, go bowling and play air-hockey into the small hours. SEEK-X suggests buying the man who has everything an experience. A balloon ride or a weekend city-break are possibilities. Alternatively, get an aquarium. SEEK-X suggests calling the Australian Embassy for advice on visas and working in Australia. Dial 02073794334. Also, visit SEEK-X suggests CVPORT 3: a) Isn't suitable for your version of AutoCAD. b) Isn't compatible with Windows. c) A driver conflicts exist. Uninstall/reinstall. SEEK-X suggests half a deep dish four seasons pizza with extra garlic & a crisp, healthy side salad. Add a smoothie to boost your essential vitamin intake. SEEK-X suggests taking part-time biological courses at your local college and gaining some voluntary experience. This will enrich your CV and employability. SEEK-X suggests that Jake takes a cold shower. In the meantime, challenge SEEK-X to some puzzlers. Did you know that a banana is an herb & a marrow a fruit?" SEEK-X suggests you spend £950 on a Variax Bass 705 and an Ashdown Superfly 11528 bass amp. Alternatively, why not the Ibanez SR1005EFM Prestige 5-String?" SEEK-X suspects that you'll see Lucy from March this year. Both Lucy & Jade find you attractive. You should ask one of them out. SEEK-X thinks they'd say yes. SEEK-X thinks Darren is wearing frilly pink pants, with purple polka-dots and uplifting elastic. He really should save them for intimate moments. SEEK-X thinks that although Benji's arms are more defined, Jay's arms are bigger. Jay's daily workout of press-ups, dumbells & bench press gave him an edge. SEEK-X thinks that Charlotte Margret Douglass is dating an older man. He's 21 years old and 3 years older than her. The difference poses no problems. SEEK-X thinks that Craig had considered you may have lied to him about the baby but is now satisfied that it was a miscarriage. He does want you to visit. SEEK-X thinks that Harrison's penis is slightly above average at 7 inches long and 5 inches in diameter. The average length is 6.25 inches & 5 inches girth. SEEK-X thinks that if your love was strong enough to last, then Angela would have asked you to come with her or have stayed. Six months is too long to last. SEEK-X thinks that Jimmy Saville favours the softness & strength of Charmin toilet roll. Sadly, the thick paper can increase the risk of loo-blockages. SEEK-X thinks that left handed people or women are more likely to give you a hug/kiss than a right handed person or man. They're more likely to shake hands. SEEK-X thinks that Ryan Smith, from Old Harlow in Essex, works at Glaxo Smith Kline on the Pinnacles estate. He went to school with Dan Adams & Lisa Davis. SEEK-X thinks that Steph Prowse has a crush on Elliot Hawkins but is not really in love. Spending more time together in the coming weeks may change things. SEEK-X thinks that the answer to the Promoveritas puzzle is 'pate'. With the missing letters filled, the words would read 'traP', 'fAll', 'gaTe' and 'tEnt'. SEEK-X thinks that the ferry is decked in dark brown wood. The surrounding panelling is painted white, with blue trim and black signs. Bon voyage. SEEK-X thinks that the funniest joke in the World is this: Two goldfish in a tank. One turns to the other and says 'How do you drive this thing?' SEEK-X thinks that the girl in the Killers' Mr Brightside video with Eric Roberts is James King, a supermodel. James was born on 23 Apr 1979 in Nebraska. SEEK-X thinks that you should attend the New Year's Eve party dressed as Marilyn Monroe if you're blonde or Morticia Addams if you're a brunette. Have fun. SEEK-X thinks that you will become the top scorer for your team in the 2006/2007 season with 20 goals. You are really a great asset to the team. SEEK-X thinks that you will have a girl and wishes you all the very best. You will have the option to find out your baby's sex when you go for your scans. SEEK-X thinks that your ex-boyfriend is called John. Your name is Chloe and you are 21 years old. You live in Lancashire, England but moved recently. SEEK-X thinks that your name is Reginal Sydney McDougall the Third. You are heir to the McDougall castle and estate in the Outer Hebrides. You have 11 toes. SEEK-X thinks that your name is Richard Montague Smithe the Third, Lord of Waxingby Plonk. Ami and your will rule the Plonk estate for many happy years. SEEK-X thinks that your next boyfriend's surname is 'Santi'. His parents, Gwen & Massimo, have Welsh & Italian origins. You will meet on holiday in Tenby. SEEK-X thinks that your nickname is Jumbo-Jimbo, due to your particularly large feet. Jimbo or Jim is a common nickname for men named James. SEEK-X thinks that your son is called Jack or Thomas. He is a toddler who seems to have no fear. He is slightly taller than most children his age. SEEK-X thinks that you're called Claire. You have a boyfriend called Shaun who will become your life-long husband and the father of your 3 kids. SEEK-X thinks that you're Marcus Kidd McGroober the 3rd, of McGroober Castle & heir to the McGroober billions. Alternatively, your name is Dave Jones. SEEK-X thinks the worst place to get a spot would be on your eyeball. This would impair vision, cause pain constantly and attract unwanted attention. SEEK-X thinks you should treat Harriet extremely well tonight. Even if she doesn't deserve it, you will gain brownie points. No one should be treated badly. SEEK-X thinks you'll sleep with Sarah again very soon. You'll need to romance her this time, though. Try cooking a Thai salmon dinner to really impress her. SEEK-X thinks your boss is called Mike Stand. He is very proficient at his job and a great mentor to his staff. Mike will be 43 years of age this year. SEEK-X thinks your mobile provider may have incorrect personal details. Contact their customer services for help. Messages to SEEK-X don't use your free texts. SEEK-X thinks your name is Melissa McDool, aged 23. Virgo's strong emotional side will clash with Leo's obstinacy. It'll be a bumpy ride but will succeed. SEEK-X uses a mixture of human researchers and computer algorithms to answer any question sent by SMS. For this answer, a human chose the computer's answer. SEEK-X will not comment on the mental state of named individuals. However, SEEK-X believes that Doug Berlin & Antonia Gray will have a successful reunion. SEEK-X's 2006 dance anthem is Queens of the Stone Age - 'Burn the Witch' (Peaches & Unkle mix). Allure's 'The Loves We Lost' & Madonna's 'Sorry' also rock. Selfridges ask customers to call 08708377377 to discuss returning goods. Most resaleable goods can be returned for refund or exchange within 28 days. Semen may be lumpy due to a damaged urethra. SEEK-X recommend consulting your GP or calling NHS Direct on 08454647 for confidential, professional advice. Semen tastes salty and has a texture similar to raw egg white. The taste varies with the male's consumption of meat, spices, dairy & alcoholic products. Send your CV to Africa Now at to volunteer your time to aid underprivileged African children. Donate funds to Oxfam on 08703332500. Shaftesbury, Dorset, is 64.7 miles (104.1 km) from Gosport, Hampshire, by road. The Saxons founded the hilltop town of Shaftesbury for defensive reasons. Sharing your condition with friends & family will ease the stress you feel. They'll support & help you during your treatment & subsequent recovery. Shortbread tends to use less sugar and more flour than shortcake. Shortbread takes less cooking time. Shortcake often has toppings or fruit added. Side panels in the RB211 engine open & exhaust doors activate, reversing thrust to the opposite direction. AIT Ltd. produced a DLE version of the unit. Signs of being Tango'd: Your face is slapped by a large, orange man. You find yourself surrounded by mashed fruit. Your thirst is satisfyingly quenched. Silent Night was written because a church organ had broken and the congregation needed a carol that could be sung to a guitar accompaniment. Hence the pun of *Silent* Night. Similar specification cars to the VW Golf GTi mark 4 include: Vauxhall's Astra SRi/GSi or turbo models, Ford's Focus STI 170 or Honda's Civic VTi. Since 1 km equals 0.621 miles, 375.9 km equals 233.57 miles. Converting this again gives 411,089 yards, 375,900 m or 67.7 nautical leagues. Since 1 stone is equal to 6.35029kg, 12 stones is equivalent to 76.20348kg. A kilo is a unit of mass adopted under the Systeme International d'Unites. Sir Alexander George Thynn is the 7th & current Marquess of Bath. His father, Henry Frederick Thynne, had 3 sisters, none of whom died in car crashes. Sir Bobby Charlton was never booked or sent off in his career. Gary Lineker, Bobby Moore and Billy Wright also held clean records through their careers. Sir Cliff Richard was born as Harry Webb, in India in 1940. He has had fourteen number ones and at least one in each decade since the 1950s. Six Nations Games (Feb):11th: France v Ireland, Italy v England. 12th: Wales v Scotland. 25th: France v Italy, Scotland v England. 26th: Ireland v Wales. Some African tribes enlarge their labia to up to 7 inches in length. SEEK-X is unable to find the length of the world?s longest vaginal lips or their owner. Some argue that Baghdad is the most dangerous place on Earth. Suicide bombings & regular gunfire pose a constant threat to residents and visitors alike. Some parrots species have long life-spans of up to 80 years. In 2004, a macaw reputed to be Winston Churchill's pet was reported to be 105 years old. 'Somebody?s got to win somebody got to lose' is from 'Rocket' by Braund Reynolds. Ben & James, from the London band, released this as their first single. Somerfield Stores Ltd. is at the Precent Station Rd., Cheadle Hulme, SK8 5BB. Gigi Supermarket is on Grosvenor Rd., Cheadle Hulme, SK8 5QJ. Sony had hoped that The Fugees would release their new album in Dec 2005. Release is now set for early/spring 2006, as the album is not yet complete. Sorry, SEEK-X can't find a high-street shop selling toy chainsaws. Alternatively, mail-order one from Chainsaw Specialists for £19.99. Call 01704896246. Spend the weekend in Rome from around £130 per person for 2 nights, including flights. Online companies such as offer such city breaks. Springs occurs in the natural world in plants such as orchids or even the tension in tree branches. Pre-historic man used these springs to his advantage. 'Sprout' is British slang: Like a jock in many ways. Enjoys playing basketball, rugby & football. Has no real music sense. Generally ugly and arrogant. St Andrew's Day is observed on 30 Nov every year. Scots often celebrate their national day with partying & dancing late into the night. St. Denys Hotel, 51 St. Denys Rd, York. Head towards the river. Left onto Clifford St. for 500 yds. Turn left. Cross the river. First left, second right. St. Nicholas is the Patron Saint of Children. He was Nicholas of Myra, a 4th Century bishop, known for his gift-giving. He was the original Santa Claus. Stacy Ferguson, better known as Fergie, from 'The Black Eyed Peas', is a woman. She joined the band on the 'Elephunk' album & turned 30 on 27 Mar 2005. Stacy Ferguson, better known as Fergie, from 'The Black Eyed Peas', turned 30 on 27 March 2005. She first joined the band on the 'Elephunk' album. Stainburn School finish last, due to missing student. Sam French will be missing too, with her new Stainburn boyfriend. The piece relates teen angst. Stay positive; you're a good looking girl. A great guy can't wait to meet you next year; he just doesn't know it yet. Your ex will find new love in 2007. Stev finds you an interesting person, which fuels his desire to get closer to you. He likes your sense of humour, your voice & finds you very attractive. Steve doesn't have a secret fetish for Nezza. The definition of fetish is 'sexual arousal through the use of objects or affection to parts of the body'. Steve Lilly is a music producer. He was previously married to Kirsty MacColl and has 2 children, Jamie and Louis, by her. He used to live in West London. Stevie Nicks is the female singer in Fleetwood Mac, joining the group with boyfriend Lindsey Buckingham in 1974. Hits include 'Everywhere' & 'The Chain'. STIs originated in the same manner all life did; via evolution. A bacteria or virus may have been consumed & subsequently spread via our bodily fluids. 'Street raking' describes the time spent by children playing games in suburban streets. Other uses include speculative talent searches on the streets. Stretch marks are permanent without laser surgery. Some creams claim to remove them by promoting collagen formation. Vitamin E & cocoa butter also help. Stuart Foxall, from Sutton Coldfield, is a member of the 270th Birmingham group of the Scouts Association. Contact him on Stuart William Foxall is 27 years old. He is from Chester and attended King's Boys School with fellow students David Addiscott, Greg Barnes & Dan Jones. Studies show that 43% of women have had anal sex. Only 3 to 4% regularly practice it. SEEK-X has no reason to believe that this differs in Scunthorpe. Sub Bass DJ Academy offers DJ & turntablism courses from £350. Check DJ-Mag for 10% off. The Academy is at 24-28a Hatton Wall, London. Call 02074047080. Sudoku puzzle difficulty depends upon number placement in the table & the number of squares initially filled. Less filled squares increases difficulty. Sunrise in St. Petersburg, Russia, was at 9:52am today. Sunset is at 4:22pm, giving 6.5hrs daylight, with just 5 hrs 39 min remaining today. Supposition: A guess. A message expressing an opinion based on incomplete evidence. An assumption based on just the few facts available at the time. Surveys suggest that up to 13% of women have had lesbian sex. However, it is thought that a large proportion of these people are not lesbian. Susheel Bal is the author of the 2002 poem 'The Last Ones'. She attended the Grammar School For Girls in Wilmington, near Dartford. Suzanne Twamley from Cardiff originally grew up in North Yorkshire. She's 45 yrs old. Her friends from school were Sue Charnock, Sian Taplin & Paul Lees. Swindon is 81.7 miles (131.5 km) away from Birmingham by road. SEEK-X recommends primary travel via the A456, M5, A417, A419 and A4311. Have a safe journey. Swindon is the ideal place to meet friends between Cardiff (72 miles) & London (81 miles). SEEK-X recommends meeting at Connies Chinese restaurant. Symptoms of a kidney infection are pain in the side, high temperature, nausea, vomiting and/or diarrhoea & blood in urine. Ring NHS Direct on 085454647. Symptoms of depression include pessimism, sense of inadequacy & a despondent lack of activity. Call Samaritans on 08457909090 to discuss your depression. Symptoms of gonorrhea include a cloudy, yellow or bloody discharge. Gonorrhea can be cured using antibiotics. Call NHS Direct on 08454647 for advice. Synthogy Ivory V1.5 is available on CD for £189 from Alternatively, visit for a £13 saving. Ivory is a virtual grand piano. T5 treated aluminium is artificially aged to minimise the risk of corrosion. Aluminium will never rust; rust is unique to iron/steel and is iron oxide. Take junction 12 off the M25 for Bracknell. Join the M3 for 7 miles. Leave the M3 at junction 3 & join the A322 for 5 miles. Follow town centre signs. Tappets are commonly found in older petrol/diesel engines. They sit above the cylinder head valves, pushing intake or exhaust valve-stems to open valves. Tax Exempt Savings Schemes Accounts are commonly referred to as TESSAs. They're available from most banks, building societies and financial institutions. 'Tempus fugit' is a Latin phrase meaning 'time flies'. Tempus Fugit in Sedlarska is apparently the most stylish restaurant in Bratislava. TfL advise alternate routes other to the Northern line. There are severe delays due to unavailability of striking staff. At least 40 stations are closed. TfL offer a standard frequency service on the Bakerloo & Victoria lines today. The Northern line is best avoided. Vauxhall & Waterloo are currently open. The 10 ways of being out in cricket: Bowled, caught, hit wicket, LBW, stumped, timed out, handled the ball, obstruction, hit the ball twice, run out. The 12.44pm from Fareham to London Waterloo, via Havant, arrives at 2:23pm. You should arrive at Havant at 12.59pm. Your onward train is at 1.04pm. The 1980 World Series put Philadelphia Phillies against the Kansas City Royals. The Phillies won 6 games to capture their first World Series title. The 1993 Toyota MR2 2.0l T-Bar, with twin-cam powered 16v engine, outputs 168bhp, reaches 60mph in 7.7 secs and a hits a top speed of 137mph. The 2000 Mercedes CLK 230 auto has 197bhp, reaches 143mph & takes 8.3sec to 60mph. The CLK 320 auto has 218bhp, reaches 148mph & takes 7.8secs to 60mph. The 2002 BMW 728i reaches 60mph in 9.3secs and 140mph at top speed. The 2002 Mercedes C230K coupe reaches 60mph in 7.8secs and 149mph at top speed. The 2006 football World Cup begins in Germany on 9 Jun at 6pm. The final is on 9 Jul at 8pm & will be held in Berlin. Just 4 months & 29 days to go. The 2006 football World Cup will be in Germany and will begin on the 9 June at 6pm. The final is on 9 July at 8pm and will be held in Berlin. The 220bhp Fiat Coupe Turbo 20 valve, produced from 1998 to 2000, reaches 60mph in 6.3secs. The older 195bhp 16 valve version reaches 60mph in 7.3secs. The 3 Tuns bar is located at 29-30 Castle Street in Guildford, not far away from Cafe de Paris. The bar hosts live DJ's and has received rave reviews. The 4th President of the United States of America was James Madison. His term was from 1809 to 1817. He was born in Port Conway, VA, on 16 March 1751. The 5 main energy sources are: 1. Oil. 2. Coal. 3. Natural gas. 4. Nuclear. 5. Bio-fuels & wood. Gas usage has increased over 11-fold over 50 years. The 55-plate, 8-valve Vauxhall Astra 1.7 CDTi van outputs 79bhp. The 16-valve model has an extra 20bhp. The current Vauxhall Astra receives rave reviews. The 7 wonders: Great Pyramid of Giza, Babylon Hanging Gardens, Statue of Zeus, Temple of Artemis, Mausoleum, Rhodes Colossus, Lighthouse of Alexandria. The 7 wonders: Great Pyramid of Giza, Babylon's Hanging Gardens, Statue of Zeus, Temple of Artemis, Mausoleum, Rhodes Colossus, Lighthouse of Alexandria. The actor Patrick Macnee played John Steed in 'The Avengers'. The series first aired in 1961. Patrick Macnee was born in London on 6 Feb 1922. The address of the NS&I office which deals with children's bonus bonds is: National Savings and Investments, Glasgow, G58 1SB. Telephone: 08459645000. The annual turnover from SEEK-X is commercially sensitive information and shall not be made available. Visit for more information. The Aquarius birth-stones are amethyst for February births & garnet for January births. Text SEEK-X your birth-date to find out what happened on that day. The Arctic Monkeys' debut album, 'Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not', was released on 23 Jan 2006. It includes 'Mardy Bum' & 'Riot Van'. The Arctic Monkeys' next London gig is at the Brixton Academy on 17 Feb 2006. They will tour the UK, US & Asia during Feb, Mar & Apr respectively. The Arctic Monkeys' next London gig is at the Brixton Academy on Friday 17 Feb 2006. The Arctic Monkeys will tour the US throughout March and April. The Arctic Monkeys, Guy Fawkes, John Barry, Gareth Gates, Geoffrey Boycott, the Bronte sisters, Tony Christie & Jarvis Cocker are all from Yorkshire. The average erect human penis is 6.25 inches long & 4.5 inches in girth. SEEK-X thinks Scott's is 7 inches long. The longest recorded was 13.5 inches long. The average London wage is currently £32,500 per annum. For a 25 year old, £18k is normal. The average UK wage is £28,065 for men and £20,314 for women. The average penis length for a man over the age of 18 is 6.25 inches (15.8 cm) when erect. The average circumference is between 4 and 5 inches. The average penis length for an adult male human is 6.25 inches when erect. The average circumference is 4.5 inches. The average diameter is 1.4 inches. The bands "Victor", "Fall Out Boy", "Hi-Standard" & "Gorilla Biscuits" all sang "Start Today". SEEK-X believes you refer to "Fall Out Boy's" version. The Bayeux tapestry depicts the Battle of Hastings (14 Oct 1066). William of Normandy defeated the English. King Harold II died. He was shot in the eye. The biggest leaf is that of Alocasia Macrorrhiza from Malaysia. It can be up to 3m long & 2m wide. The longest leaf is that of the Raffia Palm at 20m. The bizarrely named Perc%nto restaurant & bar is at 26 Ludgate Hill, St Paul's, London, EC4M 7DR. Call them on 08713322849. The manager is Mr P Nunes. The Bloomfield Barbers Shop at 39, Upper Bloomfield Rd, Odd Down, Bath, Avon, BA2 2RY offers value hair-cuts at under £10 for a basic men's trim. The Bonfire of the Vanities was written by Tom Wolfe (born 2 Mar 1931). It was first published in 1987. Wolfe is known for his trademark white suit. The Boots pharmacist on North Road in Brighton stock the morning after pill. If they won't sell it to you without a prescription, you must visit your GP. The Boxing Kangaroo was indeed a 1920s movie. Dave Fleischer also directed 'Hoppity Goes to Town' & was produced effects in Hitchcock's 'The Birds'. The Bug Bar, located at The Crypt, St Matthews Peace Garden, Brixton Hill, SW2 1JF, can be contacted on 02077383184. It is open until 2am most days. The Caernarvon Castle is at 7-8 Chalk Farm Rd. Call 02072840219. Walk along Chalk Farm Rd., following Chalk Farm signs. The pub is near Camden market. The Canadians are famed for saying 'Eh?' at the end of each sentence. Joke: How do you spell Canada in 3 letters? Well there?s a C, eh? N, eh? And D, eh?" The capital of Chile is Santiago. It has a population of over 4,735,000 and lies on the Mapocho River. It became the capital of Chile in 1818. The Celtic versus Clyde match score currently stands at 0-0. Both Clyde & Celtic have saved a goal attempt. 'Versus' is of Latin origin, meaning against. The chance of being hit by a bus is on average 1 in 20,000 (but greater in central London). That's 700 times more likely than winning the Lotto Jackpot. The circumference of a circle of 24ft diameter is 75ft 4.8 inches. The area of the circle is 452.4ft squared. Calculate circumference: 3.14 * diameter. The clitoris is a sexual organ in the body of females, located near the anterior junction of the labia minora and a few centimetres above the vagina. The closest hotel to Sheffield's Hallam FM Arena is the Premier Travel Inn on Attercliffe Common Rd. Call 08702383316. The Swan Hotel is also nearby. The code 07738 at the beginning of a phone number is not specific to one particular mobile network. Numbers can readily be transferred to a new contract. The companies Seiko & Epson have merged together. They are now referred to as Seiko Epson Corporation. The head office is in Suwa, Nagano in Japan. The continents in decreasing order of area: Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Europe, Antarctica & Oceania. Australia is the largest island. The Coral Reef Club at St. James Beach & Little Arches Hotel at Christ Church receives excellent reviews. The Boatyard is a respected nightclub and bar. The coronary arteries supply the heart's muscle tissue with oxygenated blood. They rise from the aorta then arch down across the top of the heart. The correct UK spelling is specialise. Specialize is an American-English spelling. The word could be used as follows: 'Her job is very specialised.' The current minimum wage for workers aged 16 & 17 is £3 per hour. For 18-21 year-olds in the UK is £4.25 per hour. It is £5.05 for 22 year-olds and over. The current minimum wage for workers aged 18-21 in the UK is £4.25 per hour. It is £5.05 for 22 year olds and over. It was increased in October 2005. The current price of 1 share in Strongbow Exploration Inc. on the Toronto TSX Venture Exchange is $0.58. Strongbow recently acquired New Gold Properties. The current temperature in Gran Canaria is 19C. Tomorrow is expected to be cloudy with highs of 18C and lows of 15C. Rain is expected later in the week. The current time in Aspen, Colorado is 2.30am. That's a 7 hr time difference to the UK. Aspen is the world's largest ski resort, spread over 4 mountains. The Cutting Jungle is at 89 Bingley Road, Saltaire, Shipley, BD18 4SB. Call 01274598135 to book an appointment. A thick hair plait can support 8,000kg. The dartboard should be set up with the bullseye exactly 5ft 8inches from the floor. The toe-line should be 7ft 9.25inches from the face of the board. The department of Transport see the "baby on board" signs as an alert for rescue services at an accident to look for a baby, not to prevent accidents. The difference between a bird with a bill & a bird with a beak is that a bill is used for catching & filtering food, a beak is used to tear things apart. The distance between postcodes OL1 (the Long Sight area of Oldham) and NG16 (on the eastern outskirts of Brinsley) is 61.3 miles. The distance between Yeovil Junction Station and St. David's Station, Exeter, is 50.3 miles (81 km). This journey would take 1 hour by road or train. The domain is currently available for purchase at around £5 for 2 years ownership. The domain is also available. The drain leak will be resolved today, after much hard work and frustration. Brad initially forgot to test it but carried out a full test later. The engine in a 1995 Toyota MR2 GT T-Bar is not turbo-charged. The normally aspirated engine produces 168bhp and pushes the car to 60mph in 7.7secs. The entrance theme music of AJ Styles is 'I Am', sung by Dale Oliver, a composer who works for Total Nonstop Action Wrestling and ex-member of Blackhawk. The Euro millions lottery draw for Fri 6 Jan 2006 has not yet been announced. The jackpot is 88 million. The draw takes place at 10.30pm. The Euromillions draw takes place at 10.35pm. The jackpot this week is an estimated £70 million. Text SEEK-X after 11.15pm for results. Good luck. The faecal plug, used by a bear during hibernation, is made up of faeces, dead intestinal cells, hair & bedding material. It prevents insect-ingress. The fairground game involving a metal loop, which must pass around a metal frame, is called 'the shakey hand game'. Touching the frame sets off a buzzer. The Fairline Targa 30 motorboat is 9.7m long, 3.1m wide and has a displacement of 5,700kg. The 4-berth boat is available for around £105k second-hand. The fastest passenger aircraft currently in service is the Boeing 747 at Mach 0.9. This is only marginal, as most passenger craft cruise at Mach 0.85. The Fiat Scudo, Citroen Dispatch and Peugeot Expert models share a common design to minimise costs. There are differences, including the engines used. The film 'Munich' plays tonight at 5pm & 8.25pm at York's Vue cinema at the Clifton Moor Centre. Call 08712240240 to book tickets & for more information. The first two letters of the new format number plate show the location registered. In the case of 'EU', the car is registered in Chelmsford, Essex. The football match between Halifax Town and Morecambe F.C. resulted in a 0-0 draw last night. Halifax play Aldershot Town next, on Sat 21 Jan 2006. The Ford Fiesta 1.1 Quartz Classic, at £500 for an N-reg, would cost £3.2 trillion for each of 6.45 billion people. Bill Gates has just £26 billion. The furthest city away from London in England is Dunedin in New Zealand. New Zealand is further away from Britain than Australia, at almost 12,000 miles. The future you will have with Jamie is so far unwritten. If you make positive moves towards Jamie, you can be with him soon. Jamie is scared of commitment" The G8 countries are France, USA, Britain, Germany, Japan, Italy, Canada & Russia. The G8 Summit was on 6-8 July at the Gleneagles Hotel near Edinburgh. The garage in Poringland is simply called 'Poringland Garage' and is at 2, The Street, Poringland, Norwich, Norfolk, NR14 7JR. Call 01508492266. The Geneva Airport to Chamonix Alpy Bus takes approximately 1hr 15mins. Fares are from 19.50 Euros. Call 01509213696 to book in advance. The girl in the Boogie Pimps' video 'Somebody to Love' is model Natasha Mealey, from Torquay. Her dream date is a candlelit meal on a tropical beach. The Glynhill Hotel & Leisure Club is located on Paisley Road, Renfrew, Glasgow. Call 01418865555 to make a booking. A standard double room starts at £79. The Goodies' 3 seater bicycle is called a triplet. A 2 seater bicycle is called a tandem, 4 seaters are called quads and 5 seaters are called quints. The greatest football team in Europe is arguably AC Milan. Their defence is generally solid and they hold a great attacking ability. The group 'Tears for Fears' is British. Roland Orzabal and Curt Smith formed the band in the 1980s. Their first album was called 'The Hurting'. The Hellfire Caves are situated under the Chiltern Hills. They feature a mile of underground passages, excavated in the 1750s. The highest test partnership score is 576. This was achieved by R.S Mahanama and S.T Jayasuriya during the Sri Lanka v India match in 1997. The HMV stores on Oxford Street, Piccadilly Circus & Covent Garden all close at 8pm tonight. SEEK-X recommends visiting the well stocked Piccadilly branch. The hottest day ever recorded in the UK was 10 Aug 2003, at 38.1C in Gravesend. The coldest temperature recorded was -27.2C on 10 Jan 1982 in Braemar. The House of Commons isn't currently in sitting. Oral questions to the secretary of state for foreign & commonwealth affairs are from 2.30pm to 3.30pm. The human part of SEEK-X is called 'homo sapien'. Homo sapien exists as a collective conscience, linked via miles of optical fibres and circuitry. The Irish horse 'Bold Tiger' is not entered in any upcoming races. It is owned by H. Conlon and trained by Mrs. L. Stubbs. Its best finish is 3rd. The island of Borneo is near Brunei, Malaysia & Indonesia. The capital of Borneo is Kuching with an estimated population of about half a million people. The Isle of Man is a self-governing kingdom, not a country. The Crown dependency belongs to neither the UK nor the European Union & covers 227 sq. miles. The John Smith's brewery was built in Tadcaster, N. Yorkshire in 1884. An older brewery there started brewing in 1757, which John Smith acquired in 1847. The Journal of the Whills, mentioned in the original Star Wars Episode IV manuscript, referred to the ancient race of Whills, who recorded galaxy events. The Kaiser Chiefs are named after a South African football team. The band is: Ricky Wilson, Andrew White, Simon Rix, Nick Baines & Nick Hodgson. The Kennedy Space Centre is on Merritt Island. There are also many animals, including turtles. The island is an important US National Wildlife Refuge. The KLF also produced an album called 'The Black Room' which was never released. The Super Furry Animals originally produced songs with Welsh lyrics. The labour minister of state for transport is Dr Stephen Ladyman. He recently admitted on the BBC's Top Gear that he has 9 points on his driving licence. The last flight of the London Eye on 31 Jan 2006 is at 8.00pm. Book online at £11.70 per adult and save 10%, guarantee your flight and avoid queues. The last person Jaffa's missus slept with was Jaffa. She's a loyal partner and wouldn't dream of cheating on Jaffa. They still share a king-size bed. The last record played on the last night at Manchester's Hacienda night-club, by Dave Haslam, was Massive Attack's classic 'Unfinished Sympathy'. The last train from Dartford to Tunbridge Wells is at 1am tomorrow morning, arriving at 6.19am. The prior train is at 6.43pm tonight, arriving at 8.07pm. The latest Ford Fiesta revision was released in 2002, on an 02 registration plate. The car received successful reviews with 4 out of 5 stars. The legal drinking age in Spain (including Majorca) is 16. Driving is 18. Experts think this helps youngsters get over the novelty of drinking early. The Leopold in Brussels has received rave reviews and is reputedly the best in the city. The Hotel Amigo is quickly building its reputation as a rival. 'The Light Bar' can be found at 233 Shoreditch High Street, London, E1 6PJ. Call on 02072478989. The bar is located close to Liverpool Street station. The line 'every time I try to get out, they pull me back in' is from The Godfather Part 3, not Carlito's Way. Michael Corleone gives the classic lament. The literal translation of 'careful' from English to French is 'soigneux'. 'Cautious' translates from English to French as 'prudent'. The Littlest Hobo had 2 themes. In 1963, Ronald Stein from St. Louis, USA, wrote the first theme. In 1979, Terry Bush of Ontario wrote 'Maybe Tomorrow'. The Lotto result for 4 Jan 2006 is: 07, 13, 31, 43, 45, 47 & bonus ball 23. The £2,746,827 jackpot has just 1 lucky winner. 118168 Lucky Dip entries won. The Lotto result for the draw on Wed 21 Dec 2005 was 05, 06, 12, 13, 31, 45 & a bonus of 24. There's just 1 jackpot winner. SEEK-X wishes you good luck. The Lotto results for draw number 1041, on Wed 15 Dec 2005 were: 07, 09, 17, 22, 27, 40 and bonus ball 41. The jackpot was £2,073,756 with 3 winners. The loudest burp recorded is held by Paul Hunn from Edmonton, London, at 118.1db on April 5, 2000. There is no record for the loudest fart unfortunately. The lowest useful power of a 1.5v battery is entirely dependant on the application. A low drain/high resistance item can operate at a minute power-level. The lyrics 'She's a maniac, maniac on the floor and she's dancing like she's never" The man is playing Monopoly and has just landed on a hotel at Vine Street. He pays the owner £1000, then moves his car playing piece on the next go. The Mazda 323 F has a 2 litre engine, 5 doors and is pushed to 126mph by its 131bhp. The UK model of the car is a group 10 insurance rating. The mean effective pressure (MEP) for a 4-stroke engine: MEP = 4*Pi*Torque/Volume. Pi is approximately 3.14. Torque is in Nm, volume in cubic metres. The meaning of life is happiness, love, compassion, pleasure, knowledge, understanding, wisdom and friendship. Find out what you love and do it. The Mercedes-Benz C270 CDI diesel engine provides a power output of 170bhp. Depending on the model, this gives a 0 to 60mph time of between 8.6 & 9 secs. The merlin is the smallest UK bird of prey, with a wingspan of 0.3m. The largest is the white-tailed eagle, with a wing-span of up to a massive 2.5m. The merlin is the smallest UK bird of prey. The largest is the white-tailed eagle. The eagle was hunted to extinction but re-introduced in the 1970s. The Metro 6R4 was powered by the 'V64V' 3 litre V6 Rover engine. The same engine was later turbocharged for use in the 217mph Jaguar XJ220 super-car. The mk.2 VW Golf came with 1.0, 1.3, 1.4, 1.6, 1.6D, 1.6TD & 1.8 G60 engines. The GTi had a 1.8 8/16v. A limited edition Rallye had the supercharged G60. The moon is 239,000miles (384,500km) from the Earth, although this varies. The Moon's gravity is strong enough to pull the Earth's water, creating tides. The Mordaunt Short Avant 904s are better value than Celestion/KEF E3 speakers. Their higher range, smoother styling & aluminium drivers clinch it. The Morrocan Atlas Mountains are in the GMT time-zone; the same as England. Stockholm is the capital of Sweden. Roz and Johnny were made for each-other. The most complex maths equation can always be added to, increasing complexity. Mathematicians have spent years calculating pi to infinite decimal places. The most powerful person in the world is the President of the USA, by the simple expedient that he has the power to order military strikes on anything. The MultiMode Gearbox is an optional feature seen on Toyota's new Yaris. It offers the driver a choice of automatic or clutch-less manual transmission. The name Boxing Day goes back to medieval times when alms boxes were placed at the back of churches and distributed to the poor the day after Christmas. The name of the cat in the Smurfs was Azrael. He wanted the Smurfs for a snack and his master, Gargamel, wanted the Smurfs for mixing a potion for gold. The national helpline for Alcoholics Anonymous is 08457697555. You could also contact your GP, who can advise on services offered by the NHS. The Nationwide Building Society is on Bedford St., Belfast, County Antrim. Call 02890880100. Over 800,000 people live in the Greater Belfast area. The nearest hospital to East Dulwich with an accident & emergency department is Kings College Hospital NHS Trust, Denmark Hill, London. Call 02077374000. The nearest T.M Lewin & Sons men's clothing store is at Unit 2, Sarsden Building, Christopher Place, London, W1U 1NB. Call them on 02074875941. The nearest tube station to the Institute of Directors on Pall Mall is Piccadilly Circus. You have access to the Bakerloo & Piccadilly lines from here. The new Chinese Year of the Dog begins on 29 Jan, followed by the year of the Boar on 18 Feb 2007. There are 12 animals & years in the Chinese calendar. The new ITV series 'Inspector Lewis' (out 29 Jan 2006) went into production in Jul 2005, after a pilot episode called 'Lewis'. Kevin Whately plays Lewis. The new Mazda MX5 mark 3 has 2 exhaust pipes at the rear for both the 1.8 and 2 litre models. The manufacturer's retail price is £16,400 for the 1.8l. The next District line tube from Kew Gardens will leave at 5.12pm, then 5.20pm. Change at Hammersmith onto the Piccadilly Line for 7 minutes. The Nissan 200SX S13 1.8 Turbo hits 60mph in 6.8secs, 100mph in 18.2secs & 140mph max. A quarter mile takes 15.3secs, thanks to a 170bhp peak at 6400rpm. The Nissan 300 ZX, produced between 1 Apr 1984 & 1 Mar 1990, was originally listed from £21,193 & rose to £35,308, dependant the on model/date purchased. The Nokia 6280 was due to be launched on 11 Nov 2005. The phone is available to buy online and in stores from £159.49. the phon features video recording. The north of England was glaciated, exposing rich veins of minerals & ore. Mines were also in the north due to the greater abundance of such deposits. The number 02079512000 can be used to contact Ernst & Young Operate's landline at Becket House, 1 Lambeth Palace Road, London SE1 7EU. The number 78 is LXXVIII in Roman numerals. I is 1, V is 5, X is 10, L is 50, C is 100, D is 500 and M is one thousand. The year 2000 is MMVI. The Odeon at Marble Arch, Edgware Rd. & the UCI Whiteleys Cinema on Queensway show 'Memoirs of a Geisha' from Friday, at 8.15pm & 8.20pm respectively. The only car dealer in Harlech is Central Garage, High St., Harlech, Gwynedd, LL46 2YB, specialising in new Toyotas. Call 01766780432 for a test-drive. The original domesticated horses came from wild animals that were tamed or broken in. Hence, with much time and effort, a young mustang could be tamed. The original domesticated horses came from wild animals that were tamed. With a significant amount of time and effort, a young mustang could be tamed. The original Top Gear Stig was Perry McCarthy, possibly aided by Nicolas Minassian. Now there's a new Stig, widely believed to be Formula 1's Damon Hill. The original Top Gear Stig was Perry McCarthy, possibly aided by Nicolas Minassian. There is now a new Stig, widely believed to be Damon Hill. The overall weight of the earth is relatively constant. All humans are nourished by plants & animals of the Earth, so the weight is simply transferred. The Pacific contains approximately 667,681,280,000,000,000 litres, or 667 petalitres, of water; enough to fill 135,459,784,946,236,559,140 teaspoons. The part of a car's speedometer dedicated to counting distance travelled in miles or kilometres is called a tachometer or occasionally a milometer. The Peabody Trust's head office address: Head Office, Minster Court, 45-47 Westminster Bridge Road, London, SE1 7JB. Call on 02070214000. The peanut is so named as it is a species of the pea family, not a nut. After pollination, the developing fruit forces its way underground to mature. The perfect blow-job: Slide moist lips slowly up & down along the penis whilst holding the base. Rub the head with a relaxed tongue or your inner cheek. The Peugeot 106 1.5 D Escapade can squeeze 15x6 inch alloys under standard arches. SEEK-X suggests professional advice on choosing the correct wheel-offset. The phrase 'it is very passe' means something is out of fashion or outmoded. The word 'passe', with an accent over the 'e', means 'passed' in French. The phrase 'top & tails' refers to a traditional outfit worn by gentlemen. The 'top' is a top hat, the 'tails', a jacket with points hanging at the back. The pilot whale was seen in the Thames River, near the Houses of Parliament. SEEK-X believes the last time a whale was seen in the river Thames was in 1658. The plant bombs work if the Water Temple boss is at the ramp closest to you. Bump bombs on the ramp directly at him. Keep running or fly as KaMeo Fly. The poem 'Ozymandias' is by Percy Bysshe Shelley. It goes: 'I met a traveller from an antique land, who said: Two vast and trunkless legs of stone'. The Polish pop-rock band Republika formed in 1979 and disbanded in 2001, following band member Grzegorz Ciechowski's death during a surgical operation. The 'popular crowd' look beyond your glasses to see an intelligent, informed and witty individual with a great smile, cool hair and stunning eyes. " The population of Ancient Egypt ranged between 1.5 & 6 million depending on the period. Most inhabitants lived along the Nile or in the Nile delta. The population of Dublin is 495,781. It covers 44.4 square miles. The population of Dublin County is 1,122,600. It covers an area of 445 square miles. The population of the United States of America is 295,734,134. North America is the continent containing the USA, Canada, Mexico & Belize among others. The position & amount of fat that a pregnant mother gains isn't dependant on the sex of the unborn child. Ask a doctor the sex during an ultrasound scan. The Post Office at 8 Ashbourne Parade, Finchley Rd, London, NW11 0AD, opens at 9am and closes at 5.30pm today. Call 08457223344 for further information. The Post Office on Boundary Road, Portslade does not offer a passport checking service. Try offices at 51 Ship Street or 350 Carden Avenue, Brighton. The postcode for the address 4 Primrose Close, Flitwick, Bedfordshire, is MK45 1PL. Mrs Sheila Forster was elected as Flitwick's Town Mayor. The Queen Mary 2 is the longest (340 metres), heaviest (151,400 tons) and tallest (70 metres) ship in the world. The Star Clipper is close at 68m tall. The quote, continued from the last SMS: '... for inspiration to remind us of the unrelenting human spirit and our capacity to overcome the intolerable.'" The Range Rover 4.2 V8 Supercharged engine delivers 385bhp, powering the vehicle to 140mph and 60mph in 7.2secs. The group 17 vehicle obtains just 17mpg. The Range Rover Sport V8 Supercharged engine delivers 385bhp, accelerating to 60mph in 7.2secs & on to 140mph. The group 17 vehicle obtains just 17mpg. The red/silver colour of a VW Golf's TDI badge indicates the engine power. Silver 'TDI' is 90bhp, a red 'I' is 110, red 'DI' is 115 & all red is 150bhp. The Regency Walk development in Cheltenham is off Orchard Way, which is close to Elmers End. The development is in a convenient and attractive location. The Regent Restaurant is at 48 Church St., Rugby, Warwickshire CV21 3PT. Call them on 01788561242. SEEK-X recommends the deep-fried crispy spicy beef. The relationship with your girlfriend is likely to last at least 2 years. There will be tough times but persevere. She's worth it; you're great together. The resort of Bansko in Bulgaria offers an average annual snowfall of 2m and temperatures of -5C in the valley ski resorts & -20C on the high peaks. The richest man in the world is Bill Gates, with an estimated worth of US$46.5bn. Roxanne Pallett from Emmerdale and Soapstar Superstar wears a 32C bra. The richest person in the world is Bill Gates, with an estimated worth of US$46.5bn. He achieved his wealth through computer genius and business skills. The Rolling Stones album 'Beggars Banquet' features the track 'Stray Cat Blues'. The same album also has 'Sympathy For The Devil' & 'Salt of the Earth'. The Romance languages decend from Latin dialects spoken by the common people of Latin Europe. These include Italian, Portuguese, Catalan & Spanish. The Rover 200iE 8v 's electric front windows, heated rear window timer, programmed rear wiper, UV-reduced/tinted windows & shade are not on the 200i 8v. The Russian U475 at Strood: A 300ft WW2 Foxtrot-class Russian submarine, named 'Black Widow'. She is a restoration project awaiting her new Dublin berth. The 'S' on SN Brussels planes stands for 'Sabina', the Belgian airline that went bust in 2001. Sabina was taken over by & incorporated into SN Brussels. The Sainsbury's on Ashwoth Road, Bridgemead, Swindon, closes at 11.59pm tonight & reopens at 7am tomorrow. The store at 4 Brunel Plaza closes at 8pm. The Samsung D600 is free from the Carphone Warehouse on a T-Mobile contract with 750 mins & 675 texts per month. The 12 month contract is £49.99 monthly. The Sargasso Sea has no coastline. It is a 2 million square mile ellipse of deep blue water in the North Atlantic, between the West Indies & the Azores. The Sea Cow on Clapham High St, London, is regarded as a new-age approach to the classic fish & chips meal. Choose your fish & how you want it cooked. The sentence 'her eyes were emeralds' is an example of a metaphor. This phrase is used in the poem 'Her Hair', written by Ashley Nestor of New York. The series 'Making it Big' is not currently scheduled on any terrestrial channels. Watch Channel 4's 'My Name is Earl' or 'Will & Grace' tonight instead. 'The Seven-Per-Cent Solution' features both Holmes and Freud. They team up to solve a kidnapping mystery. It's a reprint of J.H.Watson's reminiscences. The ship in the Matrix movies is called the Nebuchadnezzar. Morpheus is the ship's captain. Niobe is the captain & pilot of another ship named the Logos. The Simpsons' Nana Van Houten, mother of Kirk & grandmother of Milhouse, lives on 257th Street. His grandfather lives in a mobile home with his new wife. The singer of 'Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head' was B. J. Thomas. The song was featured in the 1969 film 'Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid'. The single 'Rat Trap', sung by Bob Geldof and the Boomtown Rats, was at number 1 on 13 Nov 1978. On this date, the moon was at its waxing gibbous phase. The sky is often defined as the place a person sees when he or she looks up from Earth. It begins at ground level (the horizon) & ends at space. The song 'Catch My Disease' by Ben Lee includes the lyric 'She drank beer with coca-cola and that's the way I like it...'. It features in 'Just Friends'. The song 'Everlong' was written by the Foo Fighters' front-man, Dave Grohl. It featured on 'The Colour and the Shape' and in the movie 'Little Nicky'. The song 'I Want Your Love' is sung by Kelis, famous for her 'Milkshake'. Songs with the same title were also sung by Chic, Atomic Kitten & Chris Isaak. The Sony Ericsson K300i, released early 2005: MP3-player, 12Mb RAM, video/sound recorder, camera, WAP, 65k colour screen, MMS, 3-bands, 300hr standby. The South Winchester Golf Club has a driving range, bar, pro-shop, changing rooms & trolley/cart hire. Membership costs £750. Call 01962877800. The speed limit for a car on dual carriageways/motorways in England is 70mph, unless specified otherwise. A 2-lane road's national speed limit is 60mph. The 'steering wheel' on a ship is commonly referred to as the 'helm', though this term may also denote both the wheel and the tiller in unison. The Subaru B5-TPH Concept was recently unveiled at the Detroit Motor Show. We're more likely to see a new WRX TR Legacy 2.5 GT Spec B 4x4 on our roads. The Suez Crisis took place in 1956. The crisis referred to an allied decision to prevent General Nasser from nationalising the Suez Canal. The surname 'Cutbush' is an Anglicised version of the name 'Talboys', from the French word 'taillebois'. 'Taillebois' literally means 'cut wood'. The Surrey & Hampshire Borders NHS Trust Department of Genitourinary Medicine in Guildford can be contacted on 01483573852 for results & appointments. The tallest land-based free-standing structure in the world is the CN tower in Toronto, Canada, at 1,815ft. The Petronas Twin Towers are 1,483ft tall. The term 'aux' is used in computing and more commonly in musical electronic hardware. It's an abbreviation of 'auxiliary', meaning accessory or spare. The term 'show us your jazz hands' requests the performer to raise both hands to head-height and wave them in an 'end of the minstrel show' way. The Thames River is 303m (1000ft) in width directly opposite the Millennium Dome in Greenwich, London. North Greenwich Station is the nearest tube stop. The theme tune to the TV series Charmed is sung by 'Love Spit Love' and is called 'How Soon is Now'. It also featured on the soundtrack for 'The Craft'. The top goal scorers for Liverpool in the 2004/2005 season were Milan Baros and Luis Garcia both with 13 goals. After them was Steven Gerrard with 12. The Uber Lounge, West Campbell St., serves 50 types of beer. Girls love the Uber's minimalist look. Dress smartly to guarantee entry & girls' interest. The UK is currently experiencing polar continental winds: Cold, especially bitter in strong easterlies. Showers on the east coast. Moderate visibility. The Union of Myanmar was formerly known as Burma. In 1989, the military government officially changed the name. Myanmar's capital is Yangon. The United States produces about 30 million tons of gypsum each year. Most of this is used to produce drywall but some is used in concrete. The US state of Kentucky is nicknamed the 'Bluegrass State' after the variety of grass covering much of its surface, producing a blue flower in spring. The Video Plus number for tonight's episode of Shameless is 6993293. You need 65mins of spare tape. Tonight, Kev's mum tops herself - on his birthday. The Vietnam War began on 11 Dec 1961, when two air cavalry units consisting of 400 soldiers arrived in Vietnam to americanise the war against the North. The village of Boscastle in Cornwall was flooded in 2004. The floods occurred when heavy storms caused rainwater to overload the 3 rivers in the village. The 'Vinopolis in a Box' package offers tour tickets, tasting vouchers & wine accessories. Purchase in store, online or by calling 08702414040. The voice of 'Mr Beaver' in the new film 'The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe', is provided by the British actor Ray Winstone. The volume of the world's oceans & seas is around 1,370,000,000 cu km. It would fill 4,151,515,151,515,151,515,151.5 (4.15 sextillion) 330ml coke cans. The Volvo S60 2.0T SE offers 180bhp and a top speed of 140mph. The car hits 60mph in 8.5secs and obtains a 30mpg economy. The car is insurance group 14. The VW Golf 2.8 V6 4MOTION develops 204bhp and can reach 146mph. Its 6.9secs 0 to 60mph time is only superseded by the 237bhp 153mph Golf R32 at 6.4secs. The water surrounding/filling a gas cylinder allows movement of the variable height unit, whilst providing an effective gas-tight seal to prevent leaks. The Waterstone's Booksellers store you seek is at 76-77 High St., King's Lynn, Norfolk, PE30 1BB. Call 01553769934 to order books or check availability. The weight of a grain of american long grain rice is, on average, 35mg. Hence, 1 million grains would weigh 35kg and contains 129,595 Calories uncooked. The Westfield Health Scheme in Sheffield can be found at address Westfield Health, Westfield House, 87 Division St, Sheffield, S1 1HT. Call 01142729521. The Wilkinson store in Yeovil, located at 88-92 Middle Street, opens at 9am Monday to Saturday and at 10am on Sunday. The store closes at 5.30pm today. The winning numbers of the EuroMillions lottery draw for Friday 13 Jan 2006 were 8, 12, 19, 33 and 34, with lucky stars 1 and 6. SEEK-X wishes you success. The word apple comes from the Old English word 'aeppel', used to refer to any round object. It is unknown who first used the word to describe the fruit. The word Melancholy means sadness or depression of the spirits. It can also be a pensive reflection or contemplation. The word comes from Old French. The word 'navrattan' means 9 jewels. It is often used to describe Indian food dishes such as a navrattan korma. It may also describe Indian jewellery. The word Soccer is an abbreviation of 'Association Football', dating from its early days. It's not credited to any 1 person but it originated in England. The word used to describe the process of any solid being 'absorbed' into a liquid is 'dissolution' or 'dissolving'. E.g.: The oil dissolved the plastic. The world's fastest production car is the Bugatti Veyron. It reaches 253mph & 62mph in 2.5secs. It sells for £810,000 (but costs £5m to build each one). The Xbox 360 can connect to Xbox Live through an ADSL router, using an Ethernet cable. A router will allow a PC & Xbox to share an internet connection. There are 20 Elaine Rothwells registered in the UK. Leigh, Hackney, Chesterfield, Leyland, Halifax, Walshaw and Wythenshawe all have an Elaine Rothwell. There are 3 Pat Waltons registered in the UK. Patricia Walton from Coleraine recently won a car-security device on the BBC's Gerry Anderson Show. There are 33 species of native British trees. In addition, there are another 101 trees that have been introduced to the UK that can be commonly found. There are 50 states in the United States of America. The most recent to join was Hawaii, which became part of the Union in 1959, just after Alaska. There are 616,500 words listed in the Oxford English Dictionary (the largest English-language dictionary), based on 290,000 main word entries. There are 76,275,360 possible combinations for the winning line in the National Lottery's EuroMillions and 13,983,816 for the Lotto. There are many factors to Anneliese's sexiness. Her smile and eyes say 'come get me'. Her sensual lines and perfect breasts make her simply irresistible. There are many potential men out there & you'll find your true love in 2007, after 2 short relationships. SEEK-X thinks you're called Lisa & are 16 yrs old. There are more than 50 different kinds of kangaroo. Kangaroos are native of Australia. A group of kangaroos is a mob. Young kangaroos are called joeys. There are no reports of A34 blockages or has any other traffic issues. SEEK-X can offer alternative routes if you specify your location & destination. There are several locations in the US named Buffalo. Buffalo, New York State, is on highway 190. The buffalo animal lives on plains in Africa and Asia. There are six official languages recognised by the United Nations: Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish. Arabic was added from 1973. There is a popular remix of Britney's 'Toxic' called 'Yeah Toxic' by Blades Blend, featuring Usher & Ludacris. This is likely to be the one you've heard. There is an approximate 2.5 size difference between women's UK/US shoe sizes. UK=US sizes: 2.5=5; 3=5.5; 3.5=6; 4=6.5; 4.5=7; 5=7.5; 5.5=8; 6=8.5; 6.5=9. There is no difference between a dwarf and a midget, when used in the context of a short person. Dwarf also is the name of a Norse mythical creature. There is no McDonald's in Euston station, London. The Lord Mayor of London is Ken Livingstone. SEEK-X does not answer questions promoting animal cruelty. There is no public information available on the area that Tanya Romeu lives in. SEEK-X cannot give addresses of named individuals, such as Tanya Romeu. There is no public information on Saul Andrew Hart. Saul Hart, however, is nicknamed 'Big Donger'. He grew up in the Stoke Newington area of London. There is no Safeway store in Hungerford. Safeway stores were recently taken over by Morrisons. The nearest Morrisons is at Swindon, open til 7pm today. There is no word "aereate". The word "aerate" means to supply with air or expose to the circulation of air. "Aureate" means of a golden colour or gilded. There were 21,552 UK diagnoses of AIDS in 2005. At least 13,225 of these people are known to have died. HIV is present in 38.8% of Botswana's adults. There's a member of the British Tatler team called Ally Pyle, who works in the editorial department. SEEK-X thinks that this is the Alia to whom you refer. There's a myth that German-born Catherine the Great was crushed to death by a horse whilst having sex with it. SEEK-X thinks this is the Queen you refer to. There's just 2 Kate Schmidts in the UK. One lives in Porthcawl, 20 miles west of Cardiff. She studied at Swansea Institute & travelled through Australia. There's just 3 Janie Hills registered in the UK. By contrast, there's 449 Jane Hills. With a UK population of 60 million, that makes you 1 in 20 million. There's no way to accurately measure the human brain's processing / communication speed quantitatively. A rough comparison puts the human brain at 17 THz. Think of a number. Treble it. Split into 2 shares that differ by 1. Treble the larger. Divide by 9. Got a remainder? Lose remainder & add 1, else double. Thomas Newman composed 23 of the 27 songs from the Road to Perdition soundtrack. Tracks included 'Queer Notions', 'Someday Sweetheart' and 'Wake'. Thrush is a common fungal infection of the genitals. It can be caused by diet, poor hygiene or sexual contact. Creams and drug treatments are available. Tim Cook is desperate to get together with Kirsty Fletcher. He thinks about her all the time but is too shy to make a move. She should ask him out soon. Tina Simbo from Newcastle has been an active community member in the Link Training Scheme. She now works within a health service organisation. To calculate 95% of 1250: Divide 1250 by 100. This gives 12.5. Then multiply by 95. This gives an answer of 1187.5. This works for any percentage. To calculate a percentage, divide by 100 then multiply by the percentage. For 25% of 200g, divide by 100, giving 2. Then multiply by 25. This gives 50g. To call France from England, the dialling code is 00 33, then dial the number. Other codes are 00 39 for Italy, 00 34 for Spain and 00 49 for Germany. To enable MMS or multimedia messaging on your Nokia 6230, contact O2 on 08705678678 to ensure your contract features this facility. To gain motivation during study, set a series of goals. Achieving these goals aids your state of mind. Study in 30min blocks. Take short breaks outside. To get a job as a holiday club representative, you must contact tour operators, hotels & holiday centres. First Choice & Thomson are 2 of the largest. To get fire arrows in Zelda: Defeat the water temple. Stand on the plaque above the Water Temple. At sunrise, shoot the sun and fire arrows will appear. To join Aylesbury library, bring a bill, driving licence or statement with your current address on it & an item with your signature (e.g. a credit card). To obtain the Samsung E330's PUK code, you must call your mobile phone provider. Call O2 on 1702, Vodafone on 777 and Orange on 150 from your mobile. To pay the Congestion Charge telephone: 08459001234. The service is open 24 hours a day. You can also pay by text message. Call the same number for info. To say in French that your dog's farts stink, repeat the following: 'Odeur du gaz de mon chien trŠs mauvaise'. Methane build-up causes flatulence. To soft-boil an egg (so that the yolk is runny but the white is hard), put the egg in boiling water, return to the boil & remove after 3.5 minutes. Tokyo Joes is hosting the "Student Night" in Preston tonight. Squares have student drinks & a rodeo bull. Squires Nightclub does not open on Wednesdays. Top album sales: 1. Eagles - Greatest Hits. 2. Michael Jackson - Thriller. 3. Pink Floyd - The Wall. 4. Led Zeppelin - Untitled. 5. AC/DC: Back in Black. Torremolinos is 635.3 miles (1,022.4 km) by road from Barcelona in Spain. The journey would take approximately 10 hours, dependant on traffic. Touching of feet is affectionately called 'footsie'. A fetish is an affection to parts of the body, including feet. Many people find feet attractive. Toy Story 2 is sheduled by BBC1 for Christmas Day, Sun 25 Dec, from 4.30pm to 6pm. The original Toy Story film is not scheduled for terrestrial viewing. Toyota Celica GT-Fours in the UK are either UK cars or imports. A few UK cars were made from 1990 to 99, allowing professional rallying of the Celica. Toyota's 1.6 VVT-i SR 16v 109bhp Corolla reaches 60mph in 9.9secs and 118mph max. Fiat's 1.8 HLX 16v 113bhp Bravo hits 60mph in 9.7secs and 120mph max. Traditional 30th wedding anniversary gifts are pearl-themed. Modern 30th anniversary gifts are diamond themed. The associated flower is the sweet pea. Traditional 30th wedding anniversary gifts are pearl-themed. Modern 30th anniversary gifts are diamond themed. The associated flower is the sweet pea. Traditional Christmas dinners in early England was a pig's head with mustard. Trains depart from London Bridge for Tonbridge at 8.23am, 8.47am, 8.48am & 9.13am. Unfortunately, the departure platform cannot be confirmed in advance. Transformers characters included: Cryotek, Galvatron, Quickstrike, Waspinator, Megatron, Optimus Prime, Downshift, Cheetor, Cosmos, Superion & Rollbar. 'Transient': 1) One who stays for only a short time. 2) Lasting a very short time. 3) Passing especially quickly into and out of existence. Turn left when travelling northbound on the A5063 Trafford Rd., after passing Ordsall Lane. Magnetic House is on Waterfront Quay at M50 3XW. Two trains leave Milton Keynes Central for London on Saturday night/Sunday morning at 12.30am. They arrive at 2.10am & 3.15am. There is also a 5am train. Typing 'meaning of life' into and Google's search engines returns yoga & meditation class links. Try asking SEEK-X for specific classes on 63336. UCAS's address is Rosehill, New Barn Lane, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, GL52 3LZ. You can fill in an application form online at UKPharm is located at 78 Friar Gate, Derby, DE1 1FL. Call 08702410536. UKPharm is part of the pharmaceutical industry and are currently recruiting. Underneath a black male's foreskin, the head of his penis is brown, not pink. Regardless of race, the human penis is approximately 6.25 inches long. Unfortunately: by bad luck; "unfortunately it rained all day"; "alas, I cannot stay". Unfortunate: not favoured by fortune; accompanied by ill fortune. Until recently, Rotterdam was the largest sea port in the world. This accolade is now held by Singapore, through which a 3rd of the world's trade passes. Upcoming England fixtures: England v Uruguay, 1 Mar 2006. England v Hungary, 25 May 2006. England v Hungary, 30 May 2006. England v Jamaica, 3 Jun 2006. Uses for a monkey: Door-stop, seat warmer, fridge attendant, Lotto number chooser, groomer, washing hanger, pirate outfit prop, barber and hair donor. Valentine's Day is 14 Feb. St. Valentinus was a 3rd Century monk who was martyred for refusing to give up Christianity. He died on February 14, 270 A.D. Vama was voted 'best Indian restaurant' in England 2005. It's located at 438 Kings Road, London. Vama means ?the essence of womanhood?. Call 08453451723. Vauxhall Corsa 1.3 CDTi: 69bhp, 102mph max., 0-60mph in 13.5secs & 64mpg. Peugeot's faster 206 2.0 HDi: 90bhp, 112mph max., 0-60mph in 11.3secs & 62mpg. Verse 1 of Daffodils: I wander'd lonely as a cloud, that floats on high o'er vales & hills. When all at once I saw a crowd, a host of golden daffodils. 'Vi vill se varandra i Uruguay' is the literal Swedish translation of 'we will see each other in Uruguay'. 'Jag vill se du snart' is 'I'll see you soon'. Vic Reeves and The Wonder Stuff reached no.1 with 'Dizzy' in 1991. Tommy Roe composed and first performed Dizzy, reaching no.1 in April 1969. Victoria Philbert is from Milton Keynes. She's a keen traveler and recently holidayed in Corfu. She's currently selling a 4 bed detached house. Victoria Station is the nearest tube stop to SW1W 9TQ. SEEK-X suggests taking the District (green) or Circle (yellow) line tube to your destination. Video rental stores, such as Blockbuster at 42, Poole Rd, Westbourne, sell popcorn buckets. These are either ready or require heating in a microwave. 'Vince and Joy' was written by Lisa Jewell, published through Penguin books & is Lisa's most recent book. 'Lisa Jewell 2' is released in June this year. Virgin Trains' first put the Pendolino tilting train, built in 2001, into service in 2003. They ran on the West Coast Main Line with passengers onboard. Volitional: With deliberate intention. Volition: The act of making a conscious choice or decision. Volitionless: The inability to make a decision. Warren Beatty is married to Annette Bening, star of the movies 'American Beauty' (1999), 'Bugsy' (1991), 'The Siege' (1998) and 'Love Affair' (1994). Wasps do have a point. Some species pollinate commercial crops, others feed on destructive pests. Most break down waste material to build their nests. Waxy O' Connors is at 14-16 Rupert Street, Soho, London, W1D 6DF. Waxy's is an Irish bar with a large tree growing in the middle of the building. We exist through billions of years of genetic mutations and chemical reactions. Arguably, there is no purpose for life; it is simply what you make of it. Weight-loss with Slim Fast varies from person to person. SEEK-X predicts up to 2 stone lost in 7 months. Eat a balanced diet & exercise to lose weight. Well done. You were spot on with 'Lough Neigh'. Lough Neigh is located in Country Antrim, Northern Ireland. The picturesque River Braid runs nearby. Werner's syndrome is an autosomal recessive disorder, causing premature aging in adults. Symptoms: Skin changes, cataracts, subcutaneous calcification. West End Garage, Guildford Road (A322), West End, Woking, Surrey is the closest Daihatsu dealer to Dorking. Call 01483797747 for sales, service & parts. When a car engine is said to turn at 2000rpm, the crankshaft is rotating at this velocity. In 1 rotation, all pistons will move through a complete cycle. When an electron collides with a positron, the equal and oppositely charged particles are converted completely into identical gamma-ray photons. When Robert Louis Stevenson, author of Treasure Island, died on December 4, 1894, he willed his November 13 birthday to a friend who disliked her own Christmas birthday. When travelling from a non-EU country, including Gran Canaria, the limit is 200 cigarettes, 100 cigarillos, 50 cigars or 250g of tobacco only. When you're older, SEEK-X thinks you will have a striking resemblance to Aishwarya Rai. The Indian actress & former Miss World starred in Bride & Prejudice. When you're tired, your low energy levels limit your ability to function mentally & physically; this becomes frustrating & upsetting. Try a sugary snack. Whether a seat reclines or not is not included in the MoT test. The test does examine the seatbelt mounts, mechanism & identifies general safety issues. Whisky's origins are in Scotland and go back over 1000 yrs. Whisky's elemental Scottish ingredients are: Water, barley & some peat, to malt the mix. 'Who Wants To Live Forever' features in Highlander 1. 'It's A Perfect, Perfect World', 'Trust', 'One Dream' & 'Who's That Man' feature in the sequel. William Charters is from Glasgow in Scotland. He is 36 years old and works at the Barras market. He attended school with Stuart Allan & Alistair Blue. William of Orange came to Britain on 5 Nov 1688, starting the 'Glorious Revolution'. He succeeded James as King of England & defender of Protestantism. Wind, founded in 1997, has 29.5 million customers. It has quickly become a leading player in Italy's increasingly competitive telecommunications market. Windy Miller featured in children's cult classic Camberwick Green. His co-stars included Mrs Honeyman and Captain Snort. The show premiered in 1967. Winnits, clinkers or dingleberries are the dried pieces of faeces and toilet paper that get caught in your bum-hair when you go to the toilet. With Becky's support, Elliot will achieve the ambitions he has now to be a personal trainer. Much time & hard work will allow him to supercede this goal. With over 5,000 fixed speed cameras in England & Wales, the Government made £20m profit in 2005. That's £54,794 per day or £10.96 per camera each day. With the thickness of a £50 note at 0.05mm, a £1 million stack would be 1 metre high. Assuming a note weighs 1.8g then £1 million would weigh 36kg. Woody Allen's quote: "Is sex dirty? Only if it's done right. Write about Christopher Columbus. He voyaged to America for King Ferdinand II & Queen Isabella of Spain. He set sail on 3 Aug 1492 & landed on 12 Oct. Yarborough & Peoples released the hit single 'Don't Stop the Music' in 1980. The single is available from Juno Records. Listen online at 'Ye Olde Fighting Cocks' (790AD), St. Albans is in the Guinness Book of Records as Britain's oldest inn. Holywell's ?Old Ferryboat? also claims the title. 'Ye Olde Fighting Cocks' (790AD), St. Albans is in the Guinness Book of Records as Britain's oldest inn. Holywell's Old Ferryboat also claims the title. Yes, Roger was in Queen. The original members of Queen were Freddie Mercury, Brian May, Roger Taylor & John Deacon. Freddie Mercury died on 24 Nov 1991. Yes, the Great Wall of China can be seen from space. It is a myth that it is the only man-made structure that can be seen from space, however. York - Oxenholme: Depart York at 12:56pm, or 3.56pm changing at Leeds & Lancaster or at 1.09pm, 2.13pm, 3.09pm, 4.13pm or 5.09pm, changing at Preston. You are correct but this rule is not fixed. Onion marmalade is not a fruit and has no rind, but has strips of onion, forming a similar texture to rind. You are female, called Katie and are in love with James at school. You would love to marry Robbie Williams but realistically think James is your man. You can give up to £3,000 per annum to an individual tax free. If you give any more than that, tax must be paid. You won't be taxed on Lottery winnings. You can still use an ADSL router to connect to the internet and Xbox Live even if you don't have a PC. A router talks to the internet service provider. You drink initially to overcome social boundaries & eliminate boredom. Later, you lose track of how much you drank. Try drinking water/coke after 11pm. You have just texted a 17 character question, via SMS on your mobile, to SEEK-X. This service costs £1 per message. SEEK-X thinks you've also dyed you hair. You have the choice to spend all your money on yourself. However, there are other people in your life. You can get enjoyment by spending on them too. You know Tommy well enough to trust him. He has demonstrated on many occasions that he keeps his word or comes through when you need a helping hand. You like this guy, so tell him you enjoyed your date & that you'd like to see him again. Valentines Day will be just 1 of a series of successful dates. You marry Mandeep Ghag when you reach 25 years of age. Your relationship with Mandeep will be a long, loving one. You will parent 4 children together. You need to have 23 people in a room to have over a 50% probability of 2 sharing a birthday. You need 183 for over 50% odds of sharing your birthday. You sent an empty text message to SEEK-X. Ask any question by text to 63336 and within minutes you will get an answer back. See for details. You should call the police on 999 if you have killed somebody. The SEEK-X service cannot provide further advice in circumstances of this type. You should take Myla to the cinema anyway. If Lindsay finds out, she will try harder to get with you. Tell Myla you think she's a great friend. You should text Brendon this afternoon. He will be hoping you get in touch all day, so you will build the anticipation. Send him a joke or funny story. You texted SEEK-X (Any Question Answered) on 63336, not a competion or voting line. Text a question to 63336 to get a fast answer for £1. See You think drinking will help you forget the bad things in your life. It actually makes you depressed. Stopping drinking will improve your state of mind. You will be in a relationship with Dan for just 2 weeks. You miss Joseph and this will affect your feelings towards Dan. Enjoy the time you're together. You will eventually pluck up the courage to ask Cat Eva on a date. She will accept. You will be accepted into the Royal Air Force, not the Royal Marines. You will indeed get a girlfriend. You meet a great girl named Kelly. She's almost 1 year younger than you. You coincidentally share interests in music. You will marry Darren and have 2 children called Mikey & Iona. Sophie will marry a man called Spencer. They have 3 children called Kyle, Owen & Tilly. You will meet your next boyfriend in a bus queue. He will ask you if he can borrow change. His name is Craig Matthews and he works as a traffic warden. You will not move to Birmingham initially. You keep in touch and move in together in 1 year. Ben cares for you deeply and is willing to travel to see you. You will share a summertime relationship with Andy for 4 months. He has to move away with his family, leaving you behind. He will always keep in touch. You'll know Ashley Bomber Smith fancies you by the glances he makes in your direction. Talk to him to see if he blushes; he's too shy to talk to you. You'll leave home at 7.15pm to go to see Debbie; leaving things will make it awkward. Play things cool. Debbie isn't ready for a relationship yet. You'll make you fortune in the field of property development, making your first million at just 35. You start small, with a 1-bed flat and build up. You'll marry in 5 years time. You haven't met your husband yet but he knows of you. His name is Wallace & he works as a surfing instructor in Australia. You'll see Murray on Saturday night. You will realise that, although Murray is a great guy, he doesn't care for you like Steve. Don't finish with Steve. You'll snog Danny before the midnight chimes on New Year's Eve. Arguments in school will ease. If you're sober tonight, you'll enjoy kissing Craig more. Your admirer will not affect your crush. You'll get close to your love interest over Christmas. You'll make the first more. A kiss will follow very soon. Your baby is just 7 months old and is called Sam. Sam will grow up as an inquisitive child, with a love of animals and the great outdoors. Your best chance is with the girl who you want less out of Lisa & Viki. You will be less anxious, more relaxed and more confident. SEEK-X would choose Viki. Your cat was very unwell and your decision to put it to sleep was the kindest thing to do. It would have been unfair to prolong the suffering. Your confidence, quick witted nature, cheeky smile and occasional naivety make you an amusing person. Other people usually enjoy being around you. Your father hasn't yet asked Mona to marry him, as he has been hurt in past relationships & is worried it will happen again. They will eventually marry. Your friends are probably aware that it was around Christmas Darren walked out but don't know exactly. Talk to them and explain you want help moving on. Your message has been unable to be interpreted; it appears to be 5 square digits. Red square is a profoundly impressive architectural space in Moscow. Your nearest Aston Martin dealership is on Bennet Road, Reading Berkshire, RG2 0QX. Call 01189658500 for more information on their stock of used cars. Your nearest McDonald's is on Thorne Road in Doncaster. Continue along the M18 southwards to junction 4. Turn off here and follow signs for Edenthorpe. Your nearest Royal Mail collection office is at 378 Baring Road, Grove Park, London, SE12 0EF. Providing a tracking number can confirm the location. Your next job will be as a financial assistant in a reprographics company in you area. Will some effort searching the Internet, you find a job in 3 wks. Your sister will grow another 4 inches in height. She will have a late-onset growth spurt. The extra height will boost her confidence in herself. Your skill & commitment to music & writing guarantees your success. Your first hit album, produced by your new husband, will make you millions in 2008. You're clearly just checking your friends posture while he tees off, so that you can improve your game; it's not gay. Remember, it's all in the hips. You're destined to marry Shaun Atkins. You will, however, have a short fling with Matt Owen first, to satisfy your uncertainty. Sarah won't marry Lee. You're entitled to complain about any hair 'errors'. If you specified your requirement & the hairdresser is part of a chain, you should get a refund. You're entitled to complain about hair 'errors' if you stated your requirement. If the hairdresser is part of a chain, your return visit should be free. You're welcome. If you're concerned that you are in danger from a stalker, call the police on 999. If you know them well, ask why they're following you. You've already met your future spouse, Mike. You'll get to know him next year. Alwen is going to the chip shop tonight. You love your girlfriend 110%. Zoe had sex with Lip in episode 3 of the new series of Shameless. She's played by Christine Bottomley, who has also appeared in Holby City.